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Hi Folks the only way to deal with a big organization like Banfield Pet Hospital is a class action law suit!!!My dog just had his annual check up and was sent home with a clean bill of health. My wife had to take the dog back to the Vet because he was acting like he had a lot of anziety and was fly snapping.

The Vet stated it looks like it could be caused by his nails being to long. The Vet was informed his annual paperwork stated they were ok.

The Vet stated they were infact too long and should have been trimmed. Needless to say he still is having issues and will have to go back yet once again and im sure for a bunch of tests which is ok if their being honest doesnt seem to be the case from all the reviews.

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I get that you're upset, but I do want to point out that one person is not the whole company.


Banfield Pet Hospital is AWFUL! If I can help just one person stay away from them, it is worth it to me!

They don't care about your dog or your cat -- they truly do NOT. Trust me, I found out the hard way.


Your full of ***. Just because the nurse you had acted like she didnt care, doesnt mean anything. *** being ***


I was one of the new managers at Banfield hospital in CA, I can tell you how pushy managment is to bringing more pets in, they honeslty don't care about pets all they see is "$". All the employees are treated as just a number.

Training is horrible and nothing is structured here, please if you are reading this and thinking about applying for this company, go apply at Taco Bell before you apply here. :sigh


I used to work as a Pet Nurse at Banfield and I can explain why this happened. The software system Banfield uses has an exam screen that doctors are supposed to go through to mark abnormalities or concerns with the pet.

For instance, if a pet is having diarrhea, it should be marked by the doctor in the exam screen. However, the doctors at Banfield tend to be negligent and lazy and make the rest of the staff go through exam screens. Half the doctors I worked with never even touched the exam screens so it was up to me to make sure everything was correct.

Being a pet nurse can be overwhelming and I admit I made mistakes when marking the exam screens. It is supposed to be the doctors job anyways.

Banfield P


We hope your dog is doing well now. We'd actually like to help you directly.

If you call our Client Advocate Team, we can discuss what happened with you and obviously help where we can. Thank you and, again, hope you and your dog are doing well.


I agree with the class action suit! That is the only way to get through to them. Unless the Banfield works directly in accordance to headquarters, they will tend to give you the run around. Privately owned franchises do what they want, and I speak from experience.

I had a dog that I was signing up on a "Puppy Plan", but since she was over 6mo they decided to put her on an adult plan, without my knowledge! So, when it came time to spay her, we brought her in (which they had been saying was included in the plan every time it was mentioned) and they wanted us to sign the "predicted fee", which came to over $600! Absolutely absurd! A regular vet doesn't charge that much, nor does a shelter! So we decided not to go through with the procedure there.

We called up headquarters (and that was when they explained to us my previously mentioned statement regarding privately owned franchises) and because they were so dishonest, they agreed to transfer us to another location, waive 2 months of her plan fee (to rectify us having to pay $90 elsewhere for her spay!) And now we're at a good place!

I hope everything works out with your dog! And I would definitely call their headquarters and let them know what is going on!


Nice of you to let them correct thier mistake - hope everything turns out okay for your dog

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