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Worst Hospital EVER! I have the "special care" plan, which I purchased at Banfield.

I called the Silverdale WA Banfield and explained my dog hurt her leg either jumping off a bed or possibly a stroke. The woman told me I could not bring my dog in because they were a wellness hospital and I needed to take my dog the VCA emergency hospital. She even gave me their address. I asked if the vet could just look at her and possibly take X-rays (included in my plan).

She said they would not see me.

$338. Dollars later my dog hurt her back and leg jumping off the bed.

I have been going to Bellevue WA, Irvine CA, Secaucus NJ and Richmond Heights MO Banfields with my 4 dogs for over 5 years.

All saw my dogs and treated them. No questions asked. In addition there is a sign in the hospitals stating emergencies take priority. Maybe the Silverdale WA forgot to read it.

Silverdale WA Banfield is a disgrace to the Banfield family. Very disappointing.

Original review posted by user Jun 12, 2016

I have the top of the line wellness program. I called and said my dog hurt her leg. I called and said I was on my way in. I wasn't sure if she had a stroke or jumped off the bed and hurt her leg. They told me they would not see her because they were not an emergency hospital. I asked if I could just bring her in for them to look at and possibly take an X-ray. They told me they would not see her and gave me the address to the VCA emergency hospital. Everything VCA did should have been covered under my plan. $338. Later she hurt her back jumping off the bed.

I am so discussed with the way they handled this.

My 4 dogs have been a part of the Banfield wellness program for over 5 years.

I guess Silverdale didn't read their own program. There is a sign at the desk that says animals with emergencies are seen first.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Optimum Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Refusal to see my dog.

Monetary Loss: $338.

Preferred solution: Refund on my vet visit and retrain staff at Silverdale Banfield .

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Refusal to see my pet.

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Silverdale tried the same thing with us, and told us they couldn't see our dog, because they had no available appointments. We showed up with our dog anyway, and they had no choice but to see her. Now I don't even call anymore; I just show up and get the services that we pay for.


Banfield isn't an emergency hospital. They don't have the staffing or equipment to deal with emergencies.

In order to see your pet that day they would have needed to cancel other appointments, and those clients would have been upset that the appointments they had made days in advance were canceled so your pet could be seen.

They did the right thing by everyone by sending you to an emergency hospital.

That sign refers to people who just show up with dying pets who are then stabilized and sent to an emergency hospital for care.

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