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after feeding my 90 lb. german shepard ultramix dog food that contained a whole chicken thigh,he was having a shortness of breath issue.

nothing lifethreatening,but cause for concern. i called Banfield hospital, which is five or less minutes from my house,and got a very horrible response. I shop at petsmart at least 5 times a month, Luke has been a patient at this Banfield before and the receptionist refused to see us. She told me to go to an emergency room somewhere else, never offered an option.

her name was Ann. She said that they closed in 45 minutes and there were two patients already being seen and they had no time for me. i told her it was not an emergency but would like an xray or assistance looking down his throat. she said no,they were closing at seven and would not see us.

I buttered some chunks of bread,fed them to luke and I think it pushed whatever he had stuck in throat down to his stomach. I am very upset at the lack of concern for my pet and myself. even though this store is in my neighborhood, I will be taking my business elsewhere. it was very offensive and very scary.

what would I have been told were it a real emergency? your receptionist decided it was and I was told to go away because she wanted to go home at seven

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: teach your doctors and receptionists that an animals are more important then what time they go home.

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I did have a bad experience at Bansfield. For a while I still shipped at Petsmart though since it was convenient to where I lived and the prices were decent.

A women could not afford their services and her dog was in a emergency situation. She was crying and upset. He left with her puppy sobbing. The receptionist and the vet assistant made fun if her.

The puppy had parvo and she did not have the money to treat the puppy. I actually asked them why they did not send her to Golden State or other discount places. There is also Best Friends in LA that will often help for low cost. They started getting snippy with me, and told me that was not their job.

They ignored me, and continued making fun of this lady. This was not in the nicest area, and I could not believe the way they were acting and the lack of respect they had for the customer. Or the lack of compassion they showed this puppy.

I made a complaint to the manager of Pet Smart, who said they are not associated, blah, blah, blah...

I really do not care, those women were horrid. Why make fun of someone that puppy has parvo and does not have the money to pay for treatment? Why not help her find a low cost option? No, instead they laughed at her, demeaned her, and treated her like trash.

There is no excuse for that ever.

By some of your disgusting remarks, I am glad I never entrusted my animals with them after my first experience. It


How about the receptionist using some customer service skills? Oh, ya, they lack empathy and compassion.

Why not offer a alternative, a local emergency vet close by? No... It is closing time and like demonstrating here by the employees that obviously have a lot of time on your hands instead of doing your dam jobs. You all care so much..

Just defend their deceptive ways, their inflated prices, incompetence, and gross negligence!

When Banfield is gauging and screwing their patients, they can at least be nice while doing so. I guess it is to much to as you jerks for that much.


I wasn't disagreeing that they should have given him information on the closest emergency facility, they definitely should have. If we cannot see a pet for an emergency for whatever reason, and it's later at night, I always give them the phone number to the local emergencies.

In fact, we have a list printed of multiple close emergency clinics, and I sent it home with every new client, every client with a sick pet, and every client who's pet comes in for vaccines (just in case they have a reaction and we aren't open. Hasn't happened tho). I always make sure my clients are aware of the closest 24hr facility to them.

I have excellent customer service skills. That's proved by clients making appts purposefully on days that I will be there, clients calling and requesting to speak with me on the phone, clients taking surveys and specifically mentioning me etc.

I don't do it for recognition tho, I treat the clients and pets the way that i do because I sincerely care about each one of them.

My entire staff, including the 2 Veternarians, main priorities are the pets AND their owners. We have multiple clients who drive hours to come see us.

All banfields may have the same policies, but their staff greatly ranges. I personally would never work somewhere that I didn't trust the doctors and the staff. If I didnt trust them to work on my own pets, how am I supposed to recommend them to others?

I couldn't. But thankfully I do trust my vets and the staff, they are phenomenal. We can't help our set prices, but we help where we can.

My doctors only put on a treatment plan what they believe the pet truly needs.


First of all, if a pet is having shortness of breath, that IS considered an emergency. Especially if it's because they potentially have something lodged in their throat.

It was 45min before closing and they already had 2 patients they were seeing. You don't know if those pets were sick as well or if they were also emergencies. There's also usually only 1 doctor and 1 or 2 techs. They definitely did the right thing by telling you to go to emergency.

Xrays aren't just a quick thing. The vet has to examine the pet first, then if xrays are needed the pet has to be measured to set the machine up properly, they have to enter all the info into the xray machine computer (which isn't linked to the rest of their computers, so they have to manually do it) which can take up to 10min. Then at least 2 techs are needed to take the xrays. They have to position the dog correctly, which is difficult if the pet isn't cooperating, then take the xrays.

Just this part can take anywhere from 10min-25min or more. Also, if a pet is having trouble breathing/shortness of breath they may need to be hooked up to oxygen while taking xrays as you have to position them on each side and also their back which can cause them to have even more trouble breathing. So if your pet needed oxygen therapy while getting xrays, add another tech (that makes 3 techs which they may not have) and more time to slowly do the xrays as to make sure the pets breathing is okay.

Then let's say xrays showed your pet had something lodged in the throat. They have to treat that.

Who knows how long that could take and they may have had to refer you to emergency anyway. So then, you'd have paid an office visit there if you aren't on the wellness plan and then would have had to go to emergency and pay another office visit.

Yes, they could have showed some compassion. She should have given you the number to a 24 hr emergency.

I'm not disagreeing with that.

However, again, you don't know what the 2 patients that were already there were having done.

I'm sure she didn't refer you to emergency just because she wanted to leave on time. You cannot make assumptions when you have no idea what is going on at the clinic. As for the people below who said Banfield isn't an emergency clinic.

That's right. They are equipped for some emergencies but not all of them. Plus with 45 min until closing and 2 patients already there, there's not much they can do. There are emergency hospitals for a reason.

Most private clinics would have done the same thing. I've been in that situation at my vet office. We had 1 doc, 1 tech and 1 receptionist on staff. We had a pet come in about a little less than 2hrs before closing.

The pet had a drug toxicity. We also had another sick patient there. Toxicities take ALOT of time. About 20min into that patients treatment (an hr before closing at the time) another really good client of ours calls with an emergency.

She thinks her pet broke her leg and needed to come in for xrays. I explained our situation and that we already had an emergency and sick pet, I gave her the number to the emergency hospital and my cell number so she could keep me updated on what they said. That one ended up having a broken hip and required an orthopedic surgery. I still did not leave on time that night, due to the two patients who were already there because they required extensive treatment.

So, now do you see why in your situation 45 min does not give them the time required? You can always call the manager and calmly explain your dissatisfaction.


Banfield is not an ER, they aren't allowed to keep staff after hours and dont have much emergency equipment/can't do surgeries at night etc etc. That is why they told you to call the local vet ER.

Also to take xrays you need to sedate pets because they won't just lie there and let you take them so 'just' taking an xray is not a quick thing and they woundt have had time to do it.

You should have listened to their advise and are lucky your dog didnt die because you didnt listen.


Banfield is a pet wellness clinic and not an emergency vet facility for pets. It may have been somewhat rude of the individual telling you that they close at 7PM and to go to an emergency vet clinic, but all in all your pet was in some distress at that particular moment and should have been taken to an emergency vet clinic.

Its a good thing that what ever was blocking your dogs airway dislodged. This could have had a very tragic and sad outcome for both you and your pet.

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