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Last week 9/23/2010, my dog Miley was sick and I took her to Banfield, Dr, saw her and told me she has ear infection and allergies I spent that day $429.41., days later Miley had diarrhea, I took her again to the dr. and she took some X-ray and told me Miley swallowed a ring and she need a surgery, I was shock, dr. did it, later she called me and Dr. said she found nothing in Miley stomach and I paid $2277.30, next day I took her to Banfield again and the nurse told me Miley is very sick and they sent me to Palm Beach Veterinary Specialists, a Dr saw her and told Miley has pain for the surgery Banfield did to her, Miley stayed in that place and Dr took again X-ray and sonograms and he sow a penny in Mileys stomach, they took out the penny with out surgery and now Miley is in that place, Drs are trying to do everything to recover my dog, right now I have to spent more money in Miley , Palm Beach Veterinary is charging $3,800.00 for her, my complaint is why Banfield make a big mistake with my dog, she went to surgery for nothing and I spend $2277.30 , I am not a rich person, why I have to paid Banfield $ 2277.30 , if they did nothing to may dog, now I not trust that place anymore, I have 2 more dogs and my cat in Banfield plan, but now I want to take them out of the plan because I don't trust Banfield anymore. Can you do something for me, my dogs are my children, I am not a rich person, dogs have rights, I *** want to contact me my name is Ana Delgado my phone number is 561-969-1466, my email address is, I hope you can help to make justice in that big mistake/


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It’s our mission to provide our clients and their Pets with high quality medicine and exceptional client experiences on every visit. We apologize that your visit to one of our hospitals was unsatisfactory. To address your specific concern, and to help us improve our overall service, we would appreciate it if you would call us at 1-877-500-2288 to tell us what happened.


I took my dachshund to Banfields.. DR.SCOTT QUICK

My dog is up to date with all his shots, this is our baby, I treat him no less than I would treat one of my children..

At the first visit October 20th, I said he had a couple of sores near his ***, he said it might be ringworm, he sent me home with medicine and told me to come back in two weeks , he said he would call me if the test would come back positive for ringworm, he then said he called my house /no answer, and that was it, he has my cell phone # but NEVER tried to called it my cell phone..there he could have left a message, but he never bothered

The next follow-up visit, two weeks later ,NOV 3rd, Dr Quick said the dog has ringworm , I..told Scott that my dog was shaking his head more than normal, he looked in his ears just with his eyes, DIDN'T USE LIGHTED INSTRUMENT TO LOOK stuck a Q-tip in his ears and my dog yelped & he said all I see is a little wax..all night long the dog was shaking his head, the next morning, the nurse called to see how he was, and I swear this is the truth, I ask her why he didn't use an instrument to look into his ears? she said that would have been extra money , it was only a follow up visit,

they always call a couple of days before your app. , if they couldn't get me on my land phone , I'm positive they would have tried my cell #, but for the ringworm ? one land phone try is enough..he is TOTALLY INCOMPEDENT

On NOV 4th the next day after I saw Dr Quick..the dog is still shaking his head excessively, I then took him to Orange County Animal Emergency Service and they said his both ears were INFECTED...

I cost me $75.00 for the Emergency visit plus $80.00 for the medicine..


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