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My son's dog JayJay had kidney failure. We made the tough choice to have him put to sleep because he was suffering.

We opted to have him cremated alone. We would get his ashes back in a tin within a week. We contacted them after a week had passed and was told to call back the next week because they didn't get his ashes back. The next week we were told the crematorium made a mistake and JayJay was cremated with a group of dogs.

We will never receive his ashes.

It was like losing him all over again. Because of this I will never go back there or even Petsmart and I will tell everyone I know what happened to our sweet JayJay

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

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Hi klhreh - Our thoughts are with your family during this difficult time and we apologize that you have had to go through this tough situation. After reading your feedback, we would like to learn more about this situation when your family is ready. If you or your son could please contact our Client Advocate Team at at 877-500-2288 or email cat(at)banfield(dot)com at your convenience, we can work to gain more information. Again, we appreciate your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.


The Banfield Team


I took my Chihuahua to Lynchburg Humane Society and got a tin with something in it, I won't open it until I have someone look at it. The tape is perfectly cut and placed, it doesn't have jagged edges, it is clear, and free of any ash or lint or fingerprints.

I am going back and ask to talk with the man that does this his name is Wayne. I just don't believe it's something the humane society does. They have enough to contend with adoptions, feedings, disposing of animals, to have someone sit at a table and make up these tin memorials.

$35 no ashes, $50 for ashes mixed with others, $100 for private ashes. Liars.


Why are you blaming Pet'Smart...they had nothing to do with ANYTHING. You need to find out where the mistake was made.


Petsmart has the contract with the crematorium, so they are an agent of the crematorium and are somewhat responsible.


No, the Banfield staff probably labelled the body wrongly so it is their fault. And yes I like to make snap judgements.


I'll tell you want happened they took your money for private ashes, but gave you no ashes returned and pocketed the money. A cashier at Food Lion deducted $20 cash back on debit purchaces of elderly people and kept the money, she eventually got caught. Mean People Suck.


If it was the crematorium that made the mistake it is them you should be mad at. Boycotting Banfield or PetSmart is pointless & going to achieve absolutely nothing because they aren't the ones that messed up/can't control what the crematorium does.

I would ask to get the contact info to the crematorium to voice your displeasure to them directly so that in the future they can be more careful & others don't have to go through what you & your family now do.

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