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While the pet hospital provides adequate care for your pets in emergency situations, they are constantly pushing you to get the pet insurance which I guarantee is a huge ripoff. I had the insurance for my dog and he passed away this month.

I called to cancel the insurance and was told based on the services used that I would have to pay the remaining six months worth of installments. How can any business be so insensitive and only interested in the bottom-line. So after losing my beloved pet I have to see that on my bank statement for the next six months. It's cruel.

Yet if it was a person the insurance company would not be saying that I had to pay the full year worth of premiums. If you aren't providing a service you shouldn't charge for it. I don't care how much money his services cost before he passed away that's what I had the insurance for to cover medical costs. By that logic I should be getting a refund.

I have had insurance for my pet for about 15 years and I guarantee we did not use every penny we paid in premiums each year.

There are a lots of good insurance plans and veterinarians. Find one of them don't use Banfield!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Banfield does not offer insurance. They offer YEARLY wellness plans.

You sign up, you are responsible for the year.

Think about it.

If they didn't do this, anyone could sign up, use a bunch of services, then just say their dog ran away. The hospital deserves to be paid for the services rendered.


Think about it! If your pet DIES and you pay hundreds of dollars to put them down do YOU want to continuing paying for your dead animal per month?!

What services are they offering you??? NOTHING!!!!


You knew this when you signed the contract. The associates always explain that the plan is for a year.

And you do have the option to cancel it, which you were most likely told when you called corporate to cancel the plan. You have the option to either pay for services rendered or pay off what is still due. The services offered on the plan are extremely discounted. You're paying approx.

$40 a month and walking out after each visit paying little to nothing (unless your pet is sick, which again, you were told when you signed on the plan that sick visits are not covered. What you see is what you get. It's all in that contract you signed and were sent home with). I'm certain that the amount of services you used already would have cost more than you are paying in total for the year.

(i.e. each office visit is $54.95, bloodwork about $200, the 5 vaccines on the plan cost about $30 each and multiply that x2 if your dog needed boosters for any of those vaccines, the deworming and fecal exams you get on the plan are worth about $200/yr.... point being, you saved hundreds off dollars being on the wellness plan. If you cancel it, the company loses out on what little amount you have left to pay off for the year, which is why when you cancel they offer you to pay for services rendered..

If you're worried about seeing it come out of your bank account each month, call corporate and pay it off in full.. or you can just continue to pay it monthly.

Also lets be honest, the plans aren't that expensive. In total the most expensive plan is a around $600/yr.

That's nothing in the veterinary field, especially for all the great things you get on the plan. I'm sorry about your dog, truly I am, but I'm sure this was all explained to you when you signed that contract.


Can you be more insensitive and rude?! In a case like this, in which a pet dies; they should cancel the plan because it is the right thing to do. I pay less than 600 a year on my cats since my vet is not a money grubbing like Banfield.

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