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The following happened several months ago. I showed up about 5 minutes early to my afternoon appointment and was told to sign in and sit down. I noticed there were 3 other people with their pets waiting as well. Apparently they all had 2pm appointments too. Finally, after waiting about 15 minutes, I was put into an exam room, where I had to wait even longer. While I was waiting, I noticed the same assistant and doctor walking back and forth in the hallway, in and out of the different exam rooms. Apparently only ONE assistant and ONE doctor were taking all four 2pm appointments. Now you tell me, how is one person supposed be in four 2pm appointments at the same time? They overbook so they can see more $$. Apparently I was the last room to be seen and the assistant finally came in around 2:30. I wish I can tell you this was a one time occurrence, but I ALWAYS wait a long time to be seen. It's because they tell everyone to show up at the same time. Why they do it this way is beyond me.

I have no complaints against the doctor or assistant, they were both very helpful and friendly.

What I do have a problem with is management. First, they overbook and make you wait a long time. But that pales in comparison to what happened next. One of the managers took one of the girls into the exam room next to me after the other family had left. I could hear everything as the walls are quite thin. She began to berate the girl for things that were clearly not her fault. Any time the poor girl tried to explain or defend herself, the manager would say "that's no excuse, I can do it, you should be able to as well!" The managers accusations were ridiculous. But more than that, it was the way that she spoke to her subordinate. It was so aggressive and rude. She didn't even offer any suggestions or help, she basically just said, "do it or else." When they were finished, I saw the assistant and manager walk out of the room and pass by my room. The girl was clearly upset and had tears welling up in her eyes. What kind of management is so verbally abusive that they make their employees cry?!

I expressed my concern to the receptionist, and she said, "Oh yeah, that's Tatiana, she does that." I asked her what she meant and she said, "She's very...confrontational." I paid my bill and left, vowing never to return. I will not support a business where the managers abuse and terrorize their employees. I've been a business manager for 35 years and I would never speak to anyone that way. Even when I've been on the *** of firing an employee for poor performance, I never talk to them like that. It's inexcusable. And no banfield, I will not be calling your 1-800 number to express my concerns so don't even suggest it. You can go investigate the matter yourself. Is this the kind of person you really want representing your company?

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They schedule in blocks, makes no sense. They think they can get more people in this way but their incompetent doctors they hire can t handle the volume and you wait an hour for your appointment. It's all about the cash


whoa. yea, some managers do not see that the more encouraging and easily approachable, the better


They don't seem to listen either.. Didn't you say you wouldn't be calling? go figure..


Anonymous- We apologize if one of our hospitals has left you feeling this way. In order for us to look into the matter we need more information. Please call our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288, we appreciate your feedback.


I have also had to wait for a very long time to have my dog checked. It appears to me that they are understaffed and it's a business decision. I also find the fees to be very high and they push services aggressively.

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