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On March 16, 2011 Banfield pet hospital murdered my beautiful sweet baby...due to the incompitence of the lead doctor and their *** staff. it was suppose to be a routine teeth cleaning.....but little did I know when I was driving my sweet baby to her appoinment for teeth cleaning at Banfield Hospital..I was driving her to her DEATH!!..What happen was they administered to much anethesia and killed her..tHIS SHOULD OF NOT HAPPEND!..So my friends if you value and love your pets as much as I did please stay aay from this house of DEATH!!!!.This house of death is located on Coleman Ave. San Jose, ca...BE AWARE!...

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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Today my toy maltese died at banfield as a result giving the wrong sedative or too mich for a routine teeth. The vet was a fill in at the clinic and we were never told the vet who offered to do the surgery was not there. He immediately tried to cover his *** and put the blame on us


Banfield P

Hi Jax - As I mentioned on your previous post, we are very sorry for your loss. Our Client Advocate Team would like to speak with you when you are ready, so please give them a call at 877-500-2288.


The Banfield Team


Thank u all. For your condolences cchoclates gone but will forever be in my heart.....I just recently purchased a new home with a huge backyard..but it.

Still breaks my heart that chocolate won't be around to play and. Enjoy....due to.

The incompetence of. Banfield hospital...she will be in my heart.....thankk u all chocolates dad...


This is ***. The lady said that she told them not to put her dog all of the way out...

They didn't follow instructions and because of that the furbaby is dead. Then in another email they say that they did medical testing on the dog and the dogs death was unrelated to the anesthesia. Why should anyone believe that?

The owner told them not to put the dog under and they went against her wishes just to start with... I am sorry I just don't feel sorry for this clinic and staff...

Banfield P


Would you mind calling our Client Advocate team to help us better understand what happened? The number is 877-500-2288. We hope your dog is doing well.


I took my dog in yesterday to banfield for regular teeth cleaning and asked specifically for them not to put her all the way out. I know there are other options due to they put her out before and her heart slowed very slow and they had to revive her.

So they started using other options, until yesterday a new lead Dr. and he said i read her chart but put her out anyway, they cant clean without putting them all the way out. I don't believe that cause they have done it before. she is still very drowsy and not herself almost 24 hrs plus later.

It makes me so mad that they went against my wishes after expressing why not to put her out. I am so sorry for your loss.


OP: get your head out of your ***, things go wrong in surgery all the time. especially with small dogs. they tend to be tolerate anesthesia less than big ones.

They use propofol to induce and sevoflurane as an inahlant. both are used in human medicine and both are very safe.

OP is just trying to find someone to blame in what is most probably a freak accident.

Banfield P

From all of us at Banfield, our hearts go out to Chocolate’s family. We are not only a practice of veterinary professionals, but also a practice of pet lovers—we understand that losing a member of the family is extremely difficult and we are saddened by the loss of Chocolate.

Chocolate's passing was an unforeseen event and later medical testing determined the cause of death as unrelated to the anesthesia Chocolate received. Chocolate's doctor has spoken with her family and has reached out again to provide additional support and answer any remaining questions they may have as to the cause of her passing.


Sorry "*** santini".... I wasn't paying attention...

agitated by santini's post.

didn't pay attention to the sarcasm in your post, just assumed it was from the REAL *** SANTINI. Please accept my apology.



I was taking my frustrations out on santini hence my name and my comment where I tell him to stop talking... did you even read my post?


I'm not sure where Santini or *** santini is coming from. Bottom line is you lost a beloved friend and it was truly unexpected.

I don't know that there was any blame to be placed on the vet, cause sometimes these things just happen.

However Their remarks were ridiculous. Think they should take out their frustrations on some of the more ridiculous blogs out there.


There is always a risk to anesthesia in people and pets. I'd be interesting in finding out what type of anesthetic was used and how much anesthetic was used.

Did your pet have pre-anesthetic bloodwork done? Did your pet have any pre-existing health issues? Heart-murmur? If I were you, I'd be asking all these questions.

If there were no pre-existing problems and your pets bloodwork was healthy there should have been no reason not to do the dental. Unfortunately, sometimes things go badly even when its not expected.

That doesn't make your loss any easier, but It doesn't make it any easier for the doctor involved either. I'm truly sorry for your loss!


Santini You're right How do we even know she has a dog? or is a women?

I want a picture of your dog right before you brought it to Banfield with you smiling next to it and you BETTER BE HAPPY IN THE PICTURE....

but then again its a blog made for complaining so either accept it or dont... in fact why dont you just be quiet thanks...

Sorry to hear about your dog


Your "beautiful sweet baby"??? You gave birth to a DOG?

And so far, we only have your say-so that the dog was healthy. How do you know they administered too much anesthesia? Did they tell you that?

Did you have an autopsy performed? Not enough "proof" in your complaint to make it valid.


You are a complete cold hearted *** bag with a heart of stone. Obviously, a good example of Banfield employee at it best; lack of empathy, compassion, and human decency. It is all about money!

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