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I took my pet in for a leg injury, they did an x-ray and told me they didn't know what was wrong, helped others who arrived after me, then improperly bandaged his leg with a little cotton and an ace bandage and it swelled to double it's size. They charged me over $300 dollars.

When I called back after I saw the swelling the customer service lady was very rude and defensive and told me she would do nothing to fix the situation. They charge an x-ray set up fee of 40.00 then each x-ray cost 31.00 then there's an x-ray diagnosis fee of 80.00. For a total of $180.00 to tell me they don't know.

I called around to other vets and the whole x-ray fee is 75.00. Definately take your pet somewhere else!

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they killed mine


Took my boxer in for regular visit only to find that there is a whole new bunch of employees . Everyone else QUIT !.

The man /vet didn't no what he was doing. Never will I bring my dog there again.

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