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I've taken my dog there for 5 years now, she's been severely overweight and worsening for about 3 years now and they do not care.

I've taken her multiple times but it is always the same story (lessen food, walk her, meet back in a few months). Not to mention the insurance fraud they committed, they print out a sheet over everything they do and how much it would cost without the wellness plan, they BARELY touched my dog and claimed to have done all these examinations.

So overall they are impersonal, don't give a *** about your pet, and they bill insurance for examinations THEY DID NOT DO.

If you do go there, DO NOT see the woman vet with the dark hair there. She is rude, impersonal, doesn't do full examinations (until she knows your pissed), and she will either not help your pet or just make them worse.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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We apologize that your visit to one of our hospitals was unsatisfactory. To address your specific concern, and to help us improve our overall service, we would appreciate it if you would call us at 1-877-500-2288 to tell us what happened.

Please understand that a Banfield Wellness Plan is not insurance.Unlike insurance, our Wellness Plans are preventative services Pets need throughout the year, packaged together at a highly discounted price and with the convenience of a 12-month financing option. If you have any questions, please contact your local Banfield Hospital.


I bet someone comes into the room and takes the pet's temperature and heart rate and respiration rate, right?

The cost you see on there, that's what someone who is not on a wellness plan would pay for that. That monthly fee you pay every month is what covers those services that are normally charged for.

Now, if the vet at your Banfield hasn't suggested blood tests or prescription food, report the doctor or ask to see a different doctor! Call the corporate number or go to the Banfield website to complain.

I wish you all the luck! I promise, not all Banfield doctors are incompetent!!


Ok, well when they put on a print out they give that they did a fecal exam, examined her teeth, her ears and they didn't touch her...I guess I'm mistaken but that ISNT an exam. And the charges that are on the printout (I don't have it on hand at this moment) but for example say the fecal exam is $28 ... someone's paying Banfield to cover that.

And to prove that she had an ear infection they caught only the second time I took her within 2 weeks and then they were a bit more thorough once I brought up the "exams" that were not done, but someone is being billed for it. And when they saw her ear the vet tech was extremely rude saying "Oh wow this ear is bad" or something along those lines...well she was there for an "exam" about 5 days prior.

So tell me again that if I take her in their office, they don't touch her, and she goes back a week later with an ear infection that would have been noticable at the first visit, that these ARE exams. No.

And of course I know that with the wellness plan I don't pay for each examination, I wasn't aware that I was paying a monthly fee for my dog to not get TOUCHED when she was under their care.

And as far as insulting her weight and that there is no "magic weight loss pill" I'm not a *** I understand that fact, I don't understand how if I do all these things and she gains weight and they just keep saying "we'll see you in 3, 6, etc months"

All I was saying is that they do not provide proper care to the animals they see and every time I left that place I was crying in frustration.

But that your pet there! It'd probably be a good idea :)


It's hard to claim insurance fraud on something that isn't insurance. Perhaps you should have understood the Wellness Plans better before you made a purchase?

Second, if you're on a Wellness Plan. . . you're office visits are free. For EVERY TIER of the WP, the office visits are free. There is no physical way a nurse, doctor, or the receptionist can put that office visit on there. The computer WILL NOT let you do it. So this grumbling about the office visit? You didn't even PAY that.

Unless you want liposuction done on your dog, the walking, exercise, and food choices are going to be what ANY VET would recommend.


So, it isn't insurance fraud first of all.

Secondly, looking at your dog, even if they don't even touch it, IS an exam. I don't know what all they are putting down, but that is an exam that would normally be charged for.

And what they are telling you (change/lessen food, walk/exercise more) IS what you do for weight loss in a dog. What do you expect them to say? There isn't a magic weight loss pill.

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