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this company does nothing for you if your animal gets dewormed its their responsibility to complete the job instead they milk you for more money and corporate office does not follow through with it either they act so corporate and drop you never to be heard from them again emailed them 15 times no answer this company is not reputable they are dishonest test result are inaccurate and vets are here today gone tomorrow or left to another office. they are unreliable and inconsistent and not accountable....I DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM IF YOU EVER HAVE AN ISSUE WITH YOUR PET YOU WILL LOSE BECAUSE IT NOT THEIR FAULT EVER AND ONCE YOU PAY THEM ITS ALL OVER

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I wouldn't respond to your emails either if they were written as poorly as this review.

I'm assuming you are complaining because your pet got dewormed, and still has worms? Well let me address this for you: The quantity of dewormer given depends on pet weight. Often, a pet will have to be dewormed more than once if the worm burden is too high. If you pet still has worms after being dewormed, there are 2 possibilities. 1.) The worm burden was too high for the initial dose to kill all of them. This is not the hospital's fault for giving "too little" dewormer. You can't just overload a pet on dewormer. If the pet has a lot of worms, you have to deworm more than once, you can't just pump the pet full of meds. 2.) Your pet was re-exposed to worms after being dewormed. Again, this is not the hospital's fault. You should have made sure to prevent your pet from going in infested areas or should have used proper flea prevention to prevent reinfestation in the case of tapeworms. I see it all the time where a client comes in when their pet has tapeworms, so we deworm the pet. We advise the owner that tapeworms are spread through fleas, but the owner ignores us and doesn't put their pet on flea prevention, and the pet contracts tapeworms again. This is not the hospital's fault, nor should it be their responsibility to redose your pet at their expense due to your negligence.

It is not the hospital's duty to "complete the job." Often deworming requires more than 1 treatment. It's not the hospital's responsibility to cover that cost if YOUR PET is INFESTED that badly. Be a more responsible owner.


Thank you for providing this feedback, I want to make sure we acknowledge your concerns. Currently we are unaware of your situation and want to make sure you are using the correct email address. Please send your concerns to or call our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288.


Uhhh what is your complaint? What issue do you have regarding deworming ?

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