Katy, Texas

My dog was sick on sunday morning and it was pure blood so we took my dog to the banfield and they said we cant see him until tomorrow(Monday) at 4pm and I said well that BS because I thought it says on your wall behind you "emergencies will come before regular office visits" THEN you told us to leave our dog for a drop off but you guys marked my 1 and a half year old lab at the time to not return for drop off as he was stuck in the kennel for 8 hours and hadn't seen a vet at all. So when you took him out he snapped at you when you tried to return him to the kennel..

once we left petsmart we went home to wait for Monday.. Monday morning came and his diarrhea was pure blood so I rushed him to the emergency clinic. Turns out he had addisons disease and his stomach and intestines shut down. The vet said this could have been prevented if seen sooner but we didn't know what It was..

so because you didn't stick to your god *** "EMERGENCIES BEFORE OFFICE VISITS* my beautiful 2 and a half year old black lab who has been in AMAZING health until Sunday was put down that evening..

and you are going to charge us $70 to cancel our account. ***.

Thanks for ruining a perfectly good family.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: because i had to put my 2 year old lab down because of this.

Banfield Pet Hospital Pros: Onsite employees.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Wouldnt take emergency, Dog getting sicker after care, Billing after canceling.

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You do realize that they usually only have 1 vet on staff at a time and only 2 techs.

They were likely already fully booked and you don't know if they already had an emergency or other sick patients they were treating.

They can only do so much.

If he was that bad then you should have taken him straight to emergency after Banfield.

It's not their fault that YOU CHOSE to wait until the next day.

& I'm sorry but even if he was seen the day before at Banfield, he would have probably had the same outcome.

It's obvious that you didn't take him when symptoms first started. Why was he put down? Cushings is something that is manageable. Correct me if I'm wrong but let me guess....

you chose to euthanize because you couldn't afford treatment? & Yes you have to pay to cancel. The WELLNESS plan is not insurance. You sign a contract and in that contract it states that If you, for whatever reason, cancel the plan before the year is up, you either pay the remainder of the months you owe or the services you've already used, at cost.

Whichever is cheaper. I'm truly am sorry for your loss and no, before anyone accuses, I don't work there but I did for 6yrs.


Oh and to add.

It was Sunday. On Sunday they close an hour earlier.

Sunday is also one of the absolute busiest days. Sunday is the day that people decide their pet absolutely needs to be seen right then even though they've been sick for a few days. It's the day when most other vet offices are closed and the people don't want to go to emergency, so they go to Banfield.

You need to realize that your pet isn't the only one who's sick. Again, they likely already had people walk in with sick pets on top of their already fully booked schedule.


Addison's disease is the opposite of Cushing's. Addisons is due to adrenal insufficiency and can absolutely be fatal.

Ever heard of an Addisonian crisis?

A crisis can be very acute, so it's really insensitive of you to accuse the owner of not taking the dog when the symptoms first started. Before you go around with heartless accusations, you should probably educate yourself.


It was late when I commented, I meant to write Addisons disease.

Yes, I have heard of an Addisonian crisis.

I've worked in veterinary medicine for a number of years. We had multiple patients at my clinic with Addisons.

All were under control.

We had a couple that went through a crisis and because they sought out care right away, the pet is still alive.


Well I'm a vet and have worked in this field for more than a few years. Yes, pets can die suddenly from Addison's.

Banfield should have told the owners they absolutely could not attend to a pet that ill, and should have immediately have turfed the case to an emergency hospital rather than taking the pet as a "drop off" and letting it sit in a cage all day with no diagnostics and no treatment. At the very least, they should have called the owner halfway through the day to apologize and say she needed to come pick up and seek care elsewhere.


Here is the thing. Banfields are NOT emergency hospitals.

They book appointments every 15 minutes and all their appointments normally book up days, sometimes weeks in advance. They are simply too busy, and do not have enough staff to dedicate the time needed to work up & care for very sick pets. That is what ER hospitals are for.

I have worked in several hospitals, including a Banfield & I would NEVER take my sick pet there because of this.

It's not the fault of the staff there - they are simply struggling to cope with the number of pets that management make them take in.

I do think they were wrong for not telling you to take him directly to the Emergency Vet, if they knew they were that busy they shouldn't have tried to squeeze him in & left him in a cage. However, if they did tell you they couldn't see him & you still decided to make them try/declined to take him to the ER then you are the one at fault, not them.


they didn't tell us to take him to an emergency vet. They told us to wait. So WE chose to take him


Emergency clinics are made for emergencies. Preventive care clinics are made for preventive care.

An addisonian crisis is definitely an emergency, not preventive care. They need such intensive care that most Banfields wouldn't even have the tools nor the staff/time to treat it.

And, if your dog truly had an addisonian crisis, it's not likely he was in AMAZING health before this. They don't go from normal to dead, they have signs that are usually overlooked.


Even though emergency clinics are for emergencies they usually do not run during the same hours as a regular veterinarians. So if someones pet has an emergency in the middle of the day you usually have no choice but to take it to your regular veterinarian.


Not true, most ER clinics are open 24/7 nowadays, and are normally much better staffed & able to deal with sick pets. People just don't want to go there because they cost more so in my experience they would rather go their regular vets clinic, even if they are told it is fully booked already and make a fuss/inconvenience all the other pets that already had appointments booked, or wait hours/days to be seen rather than suck it up and go to the ER where they could be seen much faster. This is why getting pet insurance is so important, because then you don't have to worry about costs so much and can actually do what is best for the pet.


Not true. I live in a midsize City and the emergency pet clinic is only open after hours. You are expected to take your pet to your regular vet in an emergency during regular business hours.


On for goodness sake if you cannot afford to pay the $70 just sell your dog to a Chinese restaurant, pay Petsmart the cancellation fee and keep the profit.


Grow up, you freak!


I am just trying to be helpful.

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