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Friday around 5 pm my pregnant yorkie had a discharge/poop that I've never seen. We took her to Banfield in Hiram GA.

We paid 186 for an X-ray. The vet explained to us that she noticed 4 sets of spines and 3 heads and referred us to Bluepearl 24 hour emergency room in Sandy Springs. The vet there confirmed 3 babies and said she had about 3-9 more days of her pregnancy. We went home Friday about 11pm and Saturday morning she gave birth to what we know to be 2 yorkies.

We waited about two hours after no 3rd yorkie we took her to Banfield in Austell Ga. After waiting for about 2 hours they explained to us that the vet on call that day was not equipped for such situation. We then arrived at the Banfield in Smyrna Ga. Here is where the problem began.

Dr. Mekonnen Zeleke aka Dr. Z advised us to do an ultra sound at 39.99 to confirm 2 things 1 that the pup was still inside and 2. confirm a heartbeat.

They also gave us a long list of prices to induce her labor. I told them lets first do the ultra sound to confirm a living baby and we will discuss the next step afterwards. Dr Z. came into the waiting room and said yes there is a baby in there with a heartbeat.

I told him we would go back to our friends home and figure out what we should do and apply for care credit while waiting. Just incase we had to pay for a c section. Later that night still no third pup. We took our Yorkie to Cobb emergency in Marietta where we paid 104 dollars for an office visit for them to do an ultra sound and to check her vitals.

The vet called us back and showed us an xray to confirm that there was no pup inside. She suggested that we go back to the house and check around for the third pup. My concern: at 9:47am Dr.Z was paid for an ultra sound that he clearly did not conduct. If he had he would have known there was no third baby in our yorkie and we would have went back to the house that morning to check for it.

He argued with me but finally agreed to refund me my 39.99 for the ultra sound. Honestly we are owed much more.

If he had done his job and was honest with us instead of lying to us telling us he conducted an ultra sound we would have never paid an additional 104 at cobb. My children found the third pup under the bed in another room Sunday morning and was completely devastated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Veterinarian.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $104.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Banfield Pet Hospital Pros: Last min appt.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Dishonest vet.

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