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I have been taking my 2 cats to Banfield Pet Hospital (the Virginia Center Commons location) since they were only a couple of weeks old. I have had the pet protection plan for both animals since that time. I stopped taking them there when they were about 6-7 months old after a another serious incident occurred.

The first significant incident was when the cats were brought in for vaccinations when they were about 2 months old. After I brought them home, they would vomit up any food they attempted to eat. Of course I had never seen this before and have not seen it since. After about 3 days of this, I called back and the pets were brought back in for observation. Banfield had them for a day and claimed they were able to feed them some prescription food. I then purchased some of this special and expensive food and began to spoon-feed the cats, as they now pretty much refused to eat at all. They were still unable to hold any food down. This lasted approximately 3 more days (6 total), and at this point the cats had lost much of their body weight and I was fairly certain they were going to die. I was talking to Banfield twice a day at this point, and they gave me a prescription for some extremely expensive medicine that eventually caused a complete turn-around and the cats were able to eat again, and the issues stopped. I was suspicious of Banfield at this point, but continued taking my animals there for some reason.

The second significant incident was when I took them in to be de-clawed. Obviously, my cats are strictly indoor cats. First, they mis-represented the services as being a full de-claw when it was only the front paws. I now understand the "inhumane for all 4 paws" argument, but this was not explained to me at the time. Also, although they considered it "inhumane" to remove all of the claws they apparently had no reservations about clipping the rear claws anyhow - which of course defeats the defensive "humane" argument. Second, the cost was misrepresented as for both cats when it was really for each cat, so the services were double what I expected and I only got half of what I expected. This was not explained to me until they handed me the huge bill. This alone may not be enough to write this negative review, but helps illustrate a trend of several problems. Second and most significantly, they disfigured one of my cat's face during the process somehow. This must have occurred while the cats were sedated and was likely caused by the tube placed down their throat during the sedation. One cat now has a large tooth that is bent outwards and drives into his upper lip. It essentially now sticks out of his face. I did not notice this right away due to the cat carriers and the huge post-surgery cones on their necks. When I brought the cats back, the doctor explained it to me as such: "We are not sure what would cause his tooth to grow outwards like that. Here is a doctor I know that you can pay #a few thousand dollars# to fix the problem." Thoughts of violence swarmed through my head at this point. They denied any responsibility. At some point when I save up enough money I will have the tooth fixed or extracted but I cannot afford it so for now he sits around all day with his tooth jammed into his upper lip and sticking out of his mouth. He looks terrible. I think everyone should know about my experience with this Banfield location. I now take my cats elsewhere, of course, and I remain very bitter about the quality of the services there.take my cats elsewhere.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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UNbelievable! It is INHUMANE TO DECLAW even 1, ONE claw!!

AND, the face that you think your cat "looks terrible" is very, very sad! Not sure if you love and care about your pets, or just have them on display (ex. your comment that "he looks terrible") and at your convenience (declawing - why? So he doesn't scratch you, (even accidentally) or your furniture?.) Don't get me started on the irresponsibility of entrusting their care to Banfield, the mass-produced, McDonald's of pet care.

I feel sorry for your kitties. Please educate yourself on being a responsible, caring, loving pet owner or you need to seriously reconsider being a pet owner.


it is "UNbelivable!" indeed, isn't it, to say...oh, i don't know, maybe anthropomorphize the *** outta your pets?

an individual's emotional reaction to trigger event/stimulus does not equate with how a (for all intents&purposes) domesticated feline would respond. two totally separate planes of existence. i wish people would stop automatically assuming their pets perceive every "injustice" as gravely as their owners.


Actually, Jen, the problem with the tooth may have been caused during anesthesia. It's really not that hard to knock a tooth out, let alone displace it.

You say an endotracheal tube is "soft pliable plastic" but it's not. It's pretty durable and hard. I myself doubt that the tube did anything, but if someone yanked it out the wrong way and the cat was waking up rapidly, it's a possibility. Also, you are wrong about Banfield not making any money off prescription foods.

Both Royal Canin and Banfield are owned by Mars.

Therefore, Mars corporation profits if Banfield recommends Royal Canin. This isn't the case with Hills, however.


your entire rant is ***. i don't work for banfield, but i used to. now, banfield has their problems, but i never hear people complain about those. instead, they complain about random stuff that has nothing to do with the company.

an endotracheal tube is made of a pliable plastic material. do you honestly believe that this soft material could redirect calcified bone and make a tooth jut out? that's ridiculous.

next, the banfield estimates are very clearly split between all pets that are brought in. and you are required to sign the estimate before they perform surgery. if you were under the impression that the price was for both animals, it was because of a blatant lack of paying attention to what you were signing, and that is your fault, not theirs.

banfield doesn't make any money off of the prescription/therapeutic food that they recommend. all of the sales of that food goes through petsmart, not the hospital. so they did not recommend the expensive food to earn money. in all actuality, they probably lost a little money, because they most likely paid petsmart for the food, but didn't charge you for it.

and for the record, it's a very rare *** that asks for all four paws to be declawed. and your the first special *** that thinks a nail trim and a declaw are equal.


for the record *** was i d i o t


Declawing cats at all is inhumane and you subjected them to a completely unnecessary surgery and the anesthetic risks that come with ANY surgery. You cannot complain about the cost of an entirely elective procedure.

You should have done more research before than you would have realized that standard declaw is front claws only. Who knows what caused the tooth problem, but as someone who has placed 1000 patients under anesthesia it is highly unlikely it was the tube. The tooth will need to be extracted, probably around $200 or so depending on where you live.

This whole thing was caused by your careless attitude towards your pets' health. Their mangled feet will give them lifelong pain, the tooth is primarily cosmetic.

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