I brought my five month old, 6 lb maltese to the Bnafield Hospital in Petsmart for the first time as our regular vet was farther away and being in Petsmart all the time I figured it would be convieniat. My puppy had an ear infection previously so she is wiggly when you try to look at her ears, The "nurse" held her forceably but did not hurt her to do this.

But when the vet came in, alone, (Candela, Leonard A DVM) he said " I heard this was a tough one" and grabbed her by her scruff and with his other hand he struggled with her to hold her down on the table, she resisted of course and he got rougher and she started to yelp and pee on the table, all the while he was ssaying "I will win" . I grabbed her and said you are not taking care of my dog! and ran out of there, he followed me out yelling that my PUPPY needs obidieance training, and that I better pay the bill.

When I told him he was abusive, he told me to get out of the store! I will never go back there!

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I had an experience here in Virginia. They diagnosed my little dog with megaesphogaus.

In august when he started coughing and having lung congestion they told me it was his megaesphogaus disease. He got real sick four days ago and took to a good vet hospital and they told us that he had a leaking valve which couldve lived with if Banfield wouldve hed legit doctors.

My passed away this morning from it. I have told all of my friends and other websites that if you have a animal do not go to Banfield ever!


Just so we are all clear on Banfield's response their Client Advocate Team did nothing but direct my call to the Manahawkin office to speak to their office manager/nurse who obviously sided with her boss.


I had the same experience at the Pet Smart location in Kennesaw Ga. The Vet tried to strong arm my German Shepherd while my GF was in the room with him.

I was looking at the pamphlet at the register, I hear my GF talking loudly to the vet telling him to release our dog. I jumped the counter and found my GF with her hands on the vets arm who was still holding my GSD by his collar, both front paws off the table. I grabbed the vet by the arm and slung him against the wall. I dared him to raise a hand so I could break it off.

He never said a word. Needless to say we will NEVER go back to that *** hole.


We are sorry for your experience, and we appreciate the feedback. From what we understand, you have already been in contact with our Client Advocate Team, and they are looking into your concerns.

We will also forward this post to add to your records. If you have additional concerns or questions, please contact us again at 877-500-2288 or internet.inquiries@banfield.net.

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