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we bought our dog first shield and he hated it.he scratched and and his breathing was heavy and he was lethargic.i don't recommend this product to anyone finally could not stand to see him suffer and gave him a bath to wash it off.will go back to using other product.was bought at Petsmart from the Banfield hospital the woman at the front desk was rude when i asked her questions about the product and just said that you would have to try it and see how it works.i will not use this product again

Monetary Loss: $20.

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I went in to get Frontline and Banfield told me that they now carry First Shield and it had the same ingrediant "LIERS"! My poor cat went under the bed and stayed there.

I had to bring her food and water and push it under the bed or I believe she would starved or dehydrated herself to death. About 4 days later I cokest her out and OW MY GOD! Not only was all of her hair missing where we put the *** on, but she had scratched the hair off the entire circumference of her neck. Around her neck were scabs, fleshy meat, and ozz.

They where horrible gaping wounds. Can you imagine the burning and pain she was in to scratch that much in a matter of 4 days?

I took her to the vet and he looked up first shield, because he had never heard of it. Upon looking it up, he said he had never heard of the ingredients listed in this product.

My cat was given 2 shots and seems to be healing, but this is rediculious. I know the hundreds upon hundreds of complaints have reacted Banfield and the creaters of First Shiled, but they still continue to sell it!!

Not only am I waiting for a class action law suit to start (so I can join), but I will never shop at Pet Smart, much less go near their vet again! Not only did they almost kill may cat, but they owe me $200.00 in vet bills.


Sounds like your dog had a bad reaction to the first shield. ANYTIME your pet has an allergic reaction to any topical flea control immediately wash your pet with Dawn Soap.

Wash wash wash, and then wash some more.

This should remove the any product from your pet, UNLESS your pet actually ingested the product. Stay away at all costs from any over the counter products (Hartz, Zodiac, BioSpot, Seargants: ALL bad news), stick with Advantage, Frontline, Revolution.

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