To those of you who are complaining about the Wellness plans...do you READ them before you sign them?They are very straight forward.

Don't sign a contract and then complain that you had to pay for 12 months...that is what you agreed to do! Had you READ the contract you would have understood that! You have the responsibilty to understand something BEFORE you sign it. Take some responsibilty before signing a legal agreement!

If you don't understand what you are signing then ASK or take it to a lawyer!

Would you sign any other agreement if you didn't understand it?

Review about: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.


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Twin Cities, Minnesota, United States #720550

I will give my two cents about Banfield.Banfield does have a contract that you should read, and we did, but our puppy had a broken leg, and they told us he would have to come in weekly to have it rebandaged.

That would incur an office charge AND a bandage fee we were told. We also had xrays, and the plan would save us 10% on initial xray and follow-up one. We decided that it would be a great deal with the plan since we would be coming in weekly for 8 weeks and would then only have to pay the bandaging fee and not the office visit, plus our puppy had to eventually be neutered when he was well. What we DIDN'T know about Bandfield at the time was that you NEVER get to go back with your pet when they do immunizations or anything!

We assumed we couldn't go back with him with his broken leg because of the xray, NOT that we couldn't everytime! They say this is due to liability. On the third visit there, they took our puppy to the back and gave him a non-core immunization without asking and did a fecal loop to get a stool specimen without asking. When we complained, they told us they thought the tech had told us.

He didn't need a fecal exam. He had already had it done at another vet within the last 3 weeks and it was negative. Also, I would have preferred to have been asked first and bring in a specimen rather than have the loop done on him if they really felt they needed to do it again. He has had enough trauma with the broken leg..why would you do a fecal loopand not use a specimen if the dog is coming in weekly?

Invasive! I also would have waited to do the immunization as it was a non-core immunization and he has gone through enough with the broken leg. They talk you into the plan when you are under duress, making it seem like it is a great deal. Another clinic has told me that they are charging way too much for rebandaging $41.00.

We were told it would be about $30.00 when we signed up. I should have taken him to an emergency vet instead. I will end up paying WAY more in the end. We will be done with the plan when it is up in a year.

Neutering is covered under the plan, but don't think we will go there even though we have the plan.Can't watch the work they do on your dog, do stuff without asking and do things that don't need to be done..


If your pet dies you do have the option to either pay for the services incurred or pay out the rest of the year.If you are not going to take your pet 2 x a year for check ups and dental cleaning it is not worth it.

Most people especially with multiple animal households can't afford a $350 dental cleaning and one or two $150 blood tests and expensive urinalysis and vaccines paid out lump sum the plan gives you the opportunity to provide it to you're pets.

Banfield money is not made from these plans but the add ons such as antibiotics but you'd have to pay that anyway.I would recommend the plan especially for older pets

North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand #292112

Whats even more of a problem is if you even are willing to abide by your contract and you give a puppy away to a new home you cant transfer the contract into a new name...bull *** if you ask me no one want to cancel just transfer to a new name. They wont treat the dog under the program because Im not the one who opened the contract but I pay for it...Huh???

to What The???? Lebanon, Oregon, United States #622601

If you didn't open or sign the contract it's not your responsibility to pay for it :)


I personally am very happy with the Banfield I take my pets to.I also feel that you could ask to take home the contract and look it over first and you could always hand over your pet, like I do then I step to the side and read the fine print.

I realize there are many complaints out there with Banfield, but cell phone companies do the same thing. You buy phone plan, your stuck for a year or two.

Upgrade phone, have to renew contract, even if it wasnt over yet.The problem is more that all of you dumb a**es are lazy and dont read.


Don't miss the part of the contract where if you just put your animal on a plan, your animal dies, they won't let you cancel your plan. And be very careful if your on automatic renewel, they have renewed plans on deceased animals.

to ex employee #605021

Why would you not be smart and tell them not to renew if your pet dies?of course it automatically renews, it says that in the contract but it also says call if you don't want it to renew.

All of us know that the plans are not administered through the local offices.Everyone really needs to take some responsibility here.

Westville, Oklahoma, United States #7785

Old or sick pets are not allowed to be on a wellness plan. How do u think each clinic makes their money.

Plus employees get pd extra $ for selling the wellness so it's an office full of car salesman. They have to supplement their poor pay somehow.

to Happy to be rid of them! Lebanon, Oregon, United States #622603

Banfield employees do not get paid for wellness plan sign ups they get nothing for them! No bonus no commission no extras what so ever please get your facts straight!!

Westville, Oklahoma, United States #7784

They will tell you that you can "transfer" the plan at any time and also "upgrade"...What they Don't tell you is that each time you do this, they start the contract over again for another year!

They don't have honest business practices. :sigh

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