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Please see the letter below I sent to Banfield headquarters:

I have an Optimum Wellness Plan for my cat who has hip dysplasia. I take him to the Banfield Pet Hospital in Tarentum, PA.

The employees there are exceptionally nice and helpful, so I feel bad complaining. But it has honestly gotten to the point where I can no longer hold in my frustrations. I have been taking my cat to this location twice a week to get an Adequin shot. Every single time I go there I am there for longer than an hour, most of the time waiting.

I am very much regretting my decision to get a wellness plan with your company because I don't have 3 hours to spare every single week just for my cat to get a simple injection. They always apologize for the wait when come into the room, but that doesn't give me back all the time I wasted. Also, there is always a different Vet Tech that checks on my cat, and since he has special needs, it is very aggravating to have to explain to several different people the way to hold my cat so he isn't in pain when I can see a vet tech walking around in the back who has already dealt with him before. I should honestly be able to walk in there, have my cat taken back and injected, and then be able to leave.

I appreciate that someone wants to talk to me about his condition everytime I visit, but I usually am just repeating the same information to a different person after a 45 minute wait. Then it takes several minutes after I see the vet tech and doctor for the tech to return once again and "check me out." Although I have to wait at the desk for another several minutes before this actually happens. I'm sure most people only bring their animals in for check-ups every few months, so the wait doesn't bother them, but it is a serious problem for someone who needs to bring their pet in on a long-term basis. I think the problem is too many people working at several different Banfield sites and not enough staff.

It's not very personalized when you have someone new there everytime you go or someone tells you they are only there temporarily. Banfield Pet Hospital in Tarentum, PA is the worst veterinary hospital I have ever been to in 28 years. Yesterday when I was there I had never seen so many confused people running around like chickens with their heads cut off in my life. The disorganization in the back is very stressful for the customer service employees trying to do their best in the front.

And after being there for one hour and 15 minutes for a simple injection, I don't want to see people sitting around in the back, which was exactly the case.

Please address the management issues at the site in Tarentum and if you can't afford to hire a bigger staff, then you seriously need to space out the appointments. I was told by two people not to sign up for the wellness plan at that site and much to my disappointment, I did not listen to them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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Banfield P

We are very sorry you have experienced long wait times at the hospital and understand that your time is valuable. We are currently doing two things to address this issue.

First, we work continuously to improve our staffing so we have enough people to help our clients in an efficient and timely manner. Secondly, we are doing a critical review of our intake and checkout processes in an effort to make both faster and easier.

Also, please note that sometimes emergency cases are prioritized over appointments, but we would appreciate getting your feedback so we can understand the specific circumstances of your situation. Please feel free to contact our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288 or internet.inquiries@banfield.net, thank you.

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