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I have spent roughly 870.00 to have my healthy puppy get his shots, worming meds and neutering from Banfield. On each routine visit I was given the hard sell by the Nurse after the vet left the room where they would go on to tell me the additional charges associated with the visit which I thought was covered under the plan.

The charges would be removed, as they were really optional once you questioned them, so be very leery when at the end of the visit the nurse starts tapping away at the computer to add on all these fees. However the real deciding factor for me was when I went in to have my pup neutered. I was made to believe that the neutering was included in the wellness plan, but oh no, when you drop your pup off at the front desk, employees dressed like nurses run off a list of necessary procedures needed for the neutering which came to about 150.00 dollars. I let the nurse know how upset I was about this and she did not seem to care.

Of course, there would be an additional 30.00 charged if they had to use a medication that would elevate my pups blood pressure should it go down during surgery. When I picked him up later that day, guess what, they had to use the medication so I paid a total of 180.00 for the neutering I thought was covered in the plan. I write this as a word of warning to those who go in with their healthy pup, get sold on the plan, which is not one of insurance but one where you are told all office visits are included as well as I have said, the neutering. Seems like an OK deal, think again, when you sign up for the program you can cancel but you have to pay the 21.95 for the duration of the contract and this is on top of the 264.00 you pay up front, the extra for the neutering and of course the office visits which unless you are diligent, will find you paying for a variety of extras.

Not worth it and go to P.A.W.S, the non-profit, to get you animals neuter by experts who do thousands of animals a year. They told me if I did not have the plan, I would have paid 670.00, please, I am not rich and I know if the "plan" did not make it "such a great deal" I would never had had my pup neutered at that price!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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The reason why places such as "P.A.W.S" are so much cheaper is because they only do the bare essentials. Banfield does 4 different type of blood tests before to diagnose any problems before putting the animal under anesthesia.

They also place an IV cather to give IV fluid support during surgery and have an open port to shoot any emergency medication if anything were to go wrong. If something were to happen under anesthesia at a place that can not afford to place IV catheters - the patient might not be able to get the drug to save their life in a timely manner because the doctor does not have any access to their vein. Also at banfield, all animals undergoing surgery get pre-meds to control pain. Along with other benefits, Banfield is the optimal place for veterinary surgery and to me it is worth the money.

Also - those supportive drugs (atropine and glycopyrrolate) are used in EMERGENCIES.

If one was used it is because your pet's heart rate was dangerously low.

These drugs run from 20-35$. Is an extra 20 dollars really not worth saving your pet's life?


I am very happy with the Wellness program. I always know exactly what will or will not be covered before I leave my pet at Banfield.

I am extremely happy with both vets at my local Banfield. Great place to take your pet and I've found their prices are lower than most other vets.


They probably sent home an pain med,like Rimadyl,which is for pain and inflammation...if you had been neutered or spayed im sure you would want them too...


I too have been dinked by Banfield and upon asking for proof and clarification of the Wellness Plan and the charges they told me I would get them. Not once, but twice.

I now have a collection agency calling me threatening to place it on my credit report. They are also implying that it will go on there prior to the "30 days" as stated in their letter that I received 7 days from the actual date on the letter.


I have three pets on wellness plans and I have had the same price gouging experience at TWO different hospitals. I recently took my pets in for a routine shots which should have been covered by their wellness plan.

Before they took my pets they showed me a bill that totaled over 2000 dollars. I was forced to go line by line crossing off the treatments I didn't need done. One charge was for microchipping when my pet was already microchipped. Another was for grooming like nail clipping which was nearly 30 dollars.

There is a grooming service offered inside PetSmart and one door down the charged 6 dollars.

Don't tell me they are not trying to cheat you. I have since canceled my plans.


actually what you ignorant people dont realize is the wellness plans are not an insurance they are a basic preventive plans to keep you pet vaccinated and spayed or neatured and healthy from all kinds of bacteria and deadly illness's from not being vaccinated they are a PREVENTATIVE plan if your pet is sick or has an ear ache or broken bone ect of course thats not going to be covered some additional charges accure when your pet is sick or injured due to medications and treatment that cannot be covered under a plan thats why when you first go there they do an exam to determine if your pet is HEALTHY before you sighn up dont you think if all illness's and injurys were covered they would mention it and then everyone would go to banfield lol and it would put so many people out of work look around you i dont know of one hospital that includes injuries or illness's in a plan ! so certain things need certain treatments that cannot be covered through a plan sometimes your pets may need a speacilist you should do more research and stop making assumptions i have never had a problem with banfield take financial responsibility for your pet


I've had the plan on two of my dogs and have never had to pay money up front, nor additional fees when having them neutered. I think this hospital in particular is taking you for a ride. The 2 Banfield's that I have visited have always been very honest.

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