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On four separate occations I have called to have my pet seen by the doctor because of the poor dog has been in pain with ear infections. Each time I have called to see if I can bring the dog in, they tell me the doctor is out of town attending meetings! They also told me that I might want to take the dog to another local Vet.

I have requested that they stop billing my credit card for failure to provide the services that we agreed to.... they state that they will not cancell the agreement until the anniversary date of the services.

Review about: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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interesting... I have had both of my dogs on a wellness plan with Banfield (1 for 4 1/2 years and 1 for a month) and have been nothing but delighted with the service and vets/nurses.

Sounds like you just have a bad location. Every business has a few bad employees.


This is very interesting as I have been taking my dog to Banfield Hospital (Petsmart) at the Forum (Selma) for about 2 years. They have always seen him very quickly and gave him very good care.

They sedate him for teeth cleaning and there is no problem afterwards. They always call the next day to see how my dog is doing and they seem very professional.

Newcastle Emlyn, Wales, United Kingdom #13533

Is banfield pet hospital located in selma?


If so, then don't reccomend anyone to that place cause they are just fraud. Sue those bastards before its too late!!! javascript:ac_smilie(':sigh')


Can't do anything when they are gone. javascript:ac_smilie(':(')


Dunn, North Carolina, United States #5935

This is the second time we have taken our cat to this particular Banfield vet, Roque Gonzales. He works in the Selma, Texas (210-258-7955) store. On both occasions hwe reminded them that the calico cat is lively, will require additional sedative (a genetic characteristic), and is best handled with a small oral or im dose .2 mg of Diazepam. On both occasions we advised that the benzodiazepine was fine with us.

On both occasions no sedative was administered (there was a teeth cleaning involved) and on both occasions the cat was returned with bleeding gums, swollen lips, bruises, and she walked jack legged for two days. Jack legged--not just a little unsteady. This cat had been roughed up pretty bad.

Sop today it happen again. This time I called the State licensing Board, it just all seems very unprofessional. Sure enough ole "Dr." Gonzales has a questionable (appears to be a social matriculated) degree, is on disiplinary status with the Board, and just last yuear was the subject of two TV expose' on him behavior in his previous job with the City of San Antonio. He was fired from that position.

I called, Shannon Ried at Banfield in OR and filed a complaint, she has not returned calls and claims to be in meetings--convenience so any attempt to reach her at 503-922-5672 is just helping them circle their wagons.

So I checked this guys report (supposedly a $944.00 worth of tx) the admission report totally is inconsistent with the findings.

I have asked Banfield to kindly have another vet review the findings and do a preliminary on the cat. ABSOLUELY NO RESPONSE.

Just common sense--only a thief hides.

Go pony up and pay your local, non sanctioned or TV exposed vet.

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