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DON'T GO TO BANFIELD! My dog had surgery at Banfield, tumor removal $600.

He was not given antibiotics after the surgery. My dog scratched open one of the sutures two days after the surgery so we had to go back in and have the incision stapled shut $90. He again was not prescribed antibiotics. I took him in for his follow up appointment $130 and the vet told me the site has abscessed and they will have to do another surgery $500.

All of this could have been avoided had the vet prescribed antibiotics $50 in the first place. What kind of a medical provider does major surgery and then does not provide antibiotics? BANFIELD.

My dog is having the surgery today, I have little confidence and won't be surprised if I will be picking up a dead dog. DONT GO TO BANFIELD!

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Banfield Pet Hospital

Kari1- We are currently unaware of this situation, would you mind calling our Client Advocate Team to help us better understand what happened? The number is 877-500-2288. We hope your dog is doing well.


Please for the animal's sake go to another vet, how could you keep going back. I went back to them twice on my animal and then went to another vet.

The end result was the animal needed to be put down because it was seriously ill.

Banfield took me for $1500.00, removed teeth and said she had ear mites. They are cruel and uncaring.


STOP taking your dog there if you're concerned that Banfield may cause his death!!! Please go to a vet who will take better care of your dog.

He's suffered enough with multiple painful surgeries.

You're the one who is supposed to protect your dog from pain and suffering, and taking him back to Banfield repeatedly sounds like it is hurting him. Your dog deserves better from you.

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