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I put First Shield Trio on my 13-year-old Standard Poodle for the first time last night, and this morning (about 12 hours later) she started acting EXTREMELY distraught. I did not know what was wrong with her, other than the fact that I thought she was afraid because it looked as if it was going to storm outside (which frightens her.) She was stumbling around running into things, jumping on my furniture, she couldn't relax & didn't want to lay down...I would get her to lay down for a minute or two & then she would suddenly jump up & run around like she was "drunk!" She also bit me when I tried to get her to lay down the first time, & she has NEVER bit me before!!!

By calling the Vet & the manufacturer company, I found that her skin was itching & burning, therefore driving her crazy as she didn't know what it was or what to do. So I gave her a bath & washed her with Dawn dishwashing soap. She seemed pleasant while she was in the tub, & now she's still not back to her usual self, but she's a little better & less jumpy than she was, just keeps pacing a little still. Apparently the chemical Permethrin in the medicine is actually TOXIC, so why would they put it in something that goes directly on your animal's skin!?!?

They need to STOP selling this ASAP!!!

*If your pet gets a reaction to this, immediately give them a bath with Dawn dishwashing soap!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

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My dog had horrible flaky skin where I put her first shield. Banfield told me not to use it anymore, that they would give her a pill instead.

My poor baby.. if she was itchy and irritated, I wouldn't know because where you put the first shield on, she can't reach to scratch


I have also noticed burns on Leo’s skin where the first shield was used. Will not be using for shield again Not pleased with Banfield for not knowing


I applied First Shield Trio to my girlfriend's cat & she died a month later. Although she had kidney failure, feline leukemia virus, hepatitis, & generalized fractious syndrome, I'm sure it was the First Shield Trio that did her in.

I also put it on my 55 kg male Mastiff and saw no side effects the first two years I used it, but after this, I applied it once and my dog developed what the vet diagnosed as priapism, which lasted for about a week.

We regularly consult with an animal psychic and she informed us that "Randy" felt as if the First Shield Trio was making him hallucinate. I'll never use this stuff again.


If I applied First Shield Trio to my upper middle-aged 185 lb male dog, do you think there's a good chance he would develop priapism?


LOL!!! Hands down, best review I have read in a looong time!


What the heck? It literally says on their website that it’s fatal to cats! Did the vet tell you to give it to her?


You DO NOT use First Shield Trio on cats!!! READ the instructions!!!


I have used First Shield Trio on all three of my small dogs, (one is 20 years old) and have never had any issues. Every dog and situation is different.

Just because one dog has a reaction does not mean it is a bad product.

My dog is allergic to Lyme vaccine, does not mean I should not give it to my other pets or they should stop giving the vaccine all together. SMH....


We just took in a 16 lb Lhasa Apso male from a neighbor who had a health plan with Banfield. Although I wanted Trifexis, I was told they had given him a heart worm shot and he would need First Shield Trio.

I put it on him on Saturday morning and on Sunday night he was shaking so bad I got online and googled First Shield Trio shaking and found this and other sites.

I gave him a bath and rinsed the product off the best I could. Needless to say, with as much adverse publicity as that product has, Banfield will no longer be his Vet as soon as the health plan ends.


I used First Shield Trio last night on my 7 pound maltese and he had the same reaction. I bathed him this morning and I'm taking him to the vet in 30 mins. I wish I read your post sooner!!!


Sorry but I've used this on my 3 year old chihuahua and despite the medicine smelling bad, nothing bad happened. Are you sure your pet doesn't have allergies?


My 4 year old Cheagle acted about the same way. She never but me but she was itching, pacing and acting lethargic.

She bloated up really bad and she acted like her joints hurt. She also got a small tick on her leg so it didn't stop the ticks.

All of her skin turned red on top of it all. Beware if you decide to use this


My afghan hound did the exact same thing. Thought it was dermatitis at first, until a neighbor saw my issue and said "it's that trio stuff, my dog did it too." Severe rash, acting wild, chewing her fur nonstop for weeks. I am very upset with banfield.


This is the ONLY THING that helps our WESLEY. He has very seldom scratched and doesn't have any problems like he did w/Advandx2, He is a much happier dog and everyone should know that a topical flea med has to dry before bathing or anything else. I put it on him at night and cage him for 6 hours and then he's fine,


I used first shield trio for the first time on my puppy and nobody told me that this stuff had to dry for 6-8 hours and my puppy loves to sleep on my ottoman and when we woke up about 45 min. later my puppy was black around her neck and this stuff also ate through my ottoman.

Do Not Use First Shield Trio this is stuff is lethal.


I have a 14yr. Old Shih tzu and two westie-shih tzu mix 4 yr.

olds. We have used First shield trio for years and have had nothing but rave reviews


Anonymous: I've been using first shield trio on my 11 yr old dog for the past 4 years and had no issues whatsoever! She has no fleas or ticks while using this product.

I ve been using first shield FOR CATS for two years since I adopted my cat? The only issue with it is it makes her fur a little greasy and flaky for two days. I then brush it and it's like nothing was applied. Every pet is different.

Who knows why some dogs have had horrible reactions to first shield trio and other s do fine. Applying ANY topical flea treatment carries a risk? Sorry to everyone who had a bad experience with the product, but this doesn't mean it should be taken off the shelves.

My friend's one yr old corgi just suffered a chemical burn from the pet amour plus she bought and it is marketed as a cost efficient alternative to front line. Just be extra cautious when choosing what to use on your pets.


The thing is this product is mostly safe, but as with all things allergies can occur. And of course people who don't undstand how these things work come to *** and moan on the internet.

People who are satisfied don't come to these sites so confirmation bias is going to tell you oh so many people on this site don't like it it must be bad. This product is safe, I'm a a vet tech for several years now using this product without any reactions.


This is the only stuff that works on my dog! Used advantix for a while but poor Adeline still got fleas.

The doctor told me to try this and 6 hours after application she is sleeping like a baby and the fleas are dead and gone. She's only 12 pounds, but if used correctly and responsibly, thus is a great topical for any dog!


its works great on my dog and cat, Been using it on them for 5 years. its the only flea stuff that actually works the whole 4 weeks. Ive used all the other stuff and First Shield Trio blows it away.

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