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I bought First Shield Trio my Shih Tzu (4) & Westie (8). My Shih Tzu went NUTS!!

He was freaking out after I put the medicine on him. This went on for 10 days! During that time I took him to a different vet, he had a rash, etc. He was crazed because of the medicine.

My Westie seemed to be unfazed. Except that approximately 2 weeks after using the medicine, my Westie SUDDENLY got very sick, total kidney failure!! No matter what I would have done he was not going to recover. I had to put him down.

Nothing was wrong with him - NOTHING.

I would bet a lot of money it was the medicine. I am furious and heartbroken to have lost my friend!!!

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Used this product on three dogs and have no problems with it.As with

Bandfield I have had great results in care of my pets. :)


Not to defend Banfield, but FirstShield is the same product as Vectra...it's not special to Banfield. Vectra is a very safe product to use, but any flea/tick prevention has the potential to cause skin irritation/rash/etc, particularly when you add in the tick prevention.

These products are NOT absorbed internally, meaning this would NOT shut down the kidneys.

I'm sorry to hear that your pet developed kidney failure, but don't just throw blame on an otherwise good product. Kidney disease happens; the timing was just a coincidence.


First Shield caused our dog to also go into renal failure! The staff at Banfield in Nesconset, NY would not even talk to us about it and treated us like some number!

The only reason we went to Banfield was because our moved decided to join their practice.

Going forward, I will not use anything on any of my pets that I would not put on me! It is apparent that the pharmaceutical industry does not care and Banfield is promoting their poisonous products!


okay well after reading banfield's reply about how the first shield is safe i had to post this, my parents dog had a reaction to firstshield too she went crazy just like a lot of others posted on here. I am extremely dissapointed after reading all these customer reviews because my fiance and I have an appointment at Banfield Pet Hospital tomorrow and thought this Wellness Plan sounded great..

I love my puppy to death and there is no way I would risk trying this place out after reading all of the comments on here. It wouldn't be so bad except for the fact that all the complaints seem to be about all the same things (horrible customer service,hidden fees, malpractice,and a lot of waiting to see the vet) I understand that Banfield is a corporation and has many stores but being hassled to buy plans and hassled to buy their products is the last thing I will want to deal with when trying to keep my pet healthy.

Not to diss the place before I try it but my fiance and my minds are made up. And I am extremely grateful to have thought to look up reviews before taking her in and purchasing a plan!

Banfield P

First of all we want to say how sorry we are for the loss of your pet. As far as FirstShield, Banfield recommends the FirstShieldâ„¢ line of products as our preferred preventive because of qualities such as a faster ability to kill fleas without needing them to *** the pet.

It also protects against a broader spectrum of parasites. We firmly believe our flea and tick preventive, FirstShield, is both safe and highly effective in protecting pets from external parasites. As with many products applied to a pet’s skin, there is the potential for your dog to experience irritation during or after the application, although this and other reactions are not very common. We track our reaction rates and product concerns very closely and have not found this product to be any less safe than any of the other topical solutions used for flea and tick prevention.

If you feel that your pet is experiencing irritation or a reaction to the product, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible. There are several different types of flea preventives available on the market, and each one works in a slightly different manner.

We feel that the decision on which flea or tick prevention is used should be a collaboration between you and your veterinarian, in order to help select the most appropriate product. If you have any questions or would like to address any of your specific concerns please contact our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288.

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