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My 6 lb Pomeranian got fleas last week. I have a wellness plan at Banfield Pet Hospital so I brought him in.

I told them my fears about anti-flea medication and the toxicity of it, and they suggested their product First Shield Trio and said it was nontoxic. I was an *** and decided to trust them without looking up the reviews first. He was fine the first day that I put it on him, but then the next day he became completely restless, was walking with his behind contorted to the side, itching all over the place, barking NONstop unless I held him, biting me, his temperature is very hot, and he twitches uncontrollably especially when he FINALLY rests... his head and hind leg spaz up as if he is having a seizure when he tries to sleep.

I gave him a good scrub down in the bath, brought him back to Banfield (who told me he was "okay"), and put him on Benadryl (which isn't helping). It has been 3 days and no improvement. My dog is miserable, it is CLEAR that this is filled with neurotoxins and other ***.

I will never trust Banfield with medicine again, and I hope First Shield Trio gets banned. I have never seen so many horrible reviews about a product before.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $53.

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My dog twitches after use of this crap.... Vomits.......dont not use


my great dane has his first dose of this POISON on Friday and by Saturday he was in a full seizure for 2 MINUTES SOLID. i though he was going to die in front of me.

DON'T EVER EVER EVER use this product on your pet.

I;m hoping to GOD that the seizures do not continue, but don't ever use this on your dog. Vet Recommended or NOT.

Melanii L

I have a 3.6 lb chihuahua named Taquita. In July, I stopped in to a Banfield hospital inside a Petco in Wilsonville, OR. The cashier at the front of the store had suggested I go to the hospital for a single dose of the flea medication. My vet had recommended Frontline Plus, so that's what I asked for. The Banfield clerk said they had "their version", which was First Shield Trio. I said "sure", and paid the $15.95 for the dose. I took it home and treated her per the directions. She had no noticeable side effects.

I missed the August treatment due to lack of finances, but Taquita was itching and scratching recently, so I scraped together money for another dose, and this time asked the tech to apply it with me, as it's much easier for two to part short hair and apply the medicine than for one to go it alone. She said, sure, but opened the tube and did it herself, starting from Taquita's neck, and ending three spots later near her tail. Later I read that for pets under 20lbs, just the neck area is to be used. The tech just dabbed it on on top of her fur, and she ended up looking like an oily polar bear. I said thanks and left. An hour later, Taquita began exhibiting completely foreign to her signs of distress. She kept shaking like she had just come out of a bath, her rear end came around like a beaten dog's will, her limbs were jerking and she barked at me when she never would have before. Just looked at me and barked once, and then a few minutes later again. She never does that. She sleeps with me, and last night, she was so twitchy, I began to clue in that she may have some kind of nero response to the flea medication. This morning, she has not been herself. She will eat and drink only out of my hand, she is lethargic and moody. She won't follow me when I walk like she usually does, she tries, then goes back slowly to her bed. I googled First Shield reactions, and was horrified by what I have been reading. One lady had to put her dog to sleep due to poisoning from the treatment. I immediately bathed Taquita with Dawn, and she has calmed down a bit from itching, but that's all she is now, "calm", actually lethargic and doleful. I called Banfield and Cindy, the woman who answered, said, "bring her back in, that's not normal" I said ok, and drove right down. Cindy was not in sight, and I never did see her. I did, however, get checked into an appointment I had not requested, and had no funds to pay for. The two people who helped me paid more attention to their computer screen than to us, and I was under the impression that I had been asked to come down because this was a quasi emergency. The nurse who saw us in the room checked extremely cursorily for fleas, and made sure to ask me, "Did she have fleas before the treatment yesterday? No? Well she doesn't have them now." The doctor says your estimate is 30 something for the visit, 40 something for a neuro check....and that's when I went off.

Okay, well, for one, you checked a tiny part of her rear, so you have no clue about the rest of her, and two, we are not here because of fleas, it's your treatment that's the issue. And someone named Cindy told us to come right down so she could be "checked out". This is not her vet, I don't have money for any office visit, even if we were at her vet. She told me that the prices were the standard clinic rate. I said, I understand you have standard rates for things, I'm telling you I don't have the money for this, but came down because Cindy said that Taquita's reaction to this medication (which now feels like poison. Poison I can't even afford. ) The lady asked me what I wanted to do, and I said, I am leaving. Please tell Cindy not to have people race down here, thinking the worst about their pet, if all that's going to happen is they get checked into a costly appointment, and get scammed into paying for a neuro check and meds simply because Banfield insists on carrying this toxic pet killer for what ungodly reason, I don't know. My dog was treated down her whole back with it, and now won't leave my lap, and I'm concerned that she's fighting a poison off all on her own because I don't have the money for a real vet check. I called her vet and left a message for a return call. The tech who answered asked what kind of medication, and I didn't name it, because I wanted the doctor to call me personally to discuss her views on it, and Taquita's reaction to it. Please wish us luck! I think I will bather her in Dawn again.


Customer service skills sucks @ Norfolk, va location. The doctors always wanting to send you home with high price meds, always trying to talk the customer into a plan, plans are too high.

My previous pet went to SPCA and I spent more in one year @ banfield than in 3 @ SPCA. Banfield is a rip off, overly priced and they suppose to have the pets best interest a heart.

Banfield is all about the money, not the pet. Once my plan is done I will just save money monthly and pay for my vet bills, it is cheaper.


I have a plan, 3/4 wks. wait for Norfolk, Va.

office, Edieta(CSR)is always very rude. My pet will be dead in 3/4 wks. I do rescue @ my expense, always giving a hard time when I use pharmacy or Petmeds because they are ALOT cheaper than Bfield.

When returning a product I wasn't happy w/ I got attitude from the CSR Kristen. Bfield sucks royally

Banfield P

Hi Anonymous - After reading your feedback, we would like to speak with you directly to gather more information. We strive to provide our clients and their pets with high quality medicine and exceptional client experiences on every visit. We apologize that your visit to one of our hospitals was unsatisfactory. To address your specific concerns, and to help us improve our overall service, we would appreciate it if you would call our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288 or email cat(at)banfield(dot)com.

Most sincerely,


Banfield Online Community Manager

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