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I must add to my post that Marli is 5lbs and every single case that I\'ve noticed dogs having the same adverse affects like my Marli, there were all under 10lbs...

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I purchased First Shield Trio for my 6 year old Toy Poodle Marli. My fiance and I wanted him to have better coverage when we walk him outdoors from fleas and ticks. When I applied the medicine on the back of his back as the instructions suggested, it appeared at first like he was okay. However, as the time progressed, that night he became very restless. He continued to *** at his back and scratch the area with his paws. He didn't sleep a wink at all the night that we applied the treatment.

I woke up the next morning at 5 am because he continued to pace back and forth throughout the house. He couldn't rest. I bathed him with oatmeal soap because he couldn't get comfortable at all. He would continuously run throughout the house. Try to rub his back on the the wall, pillow, anything that could help relieve the discomfort that he is feeling.

He also began to snap at us. I called Banfield and complained about the side effects. I went online and saw the tons of bad reviews this treatment was receiving on the web. For the life of me, I can't understand WHY Banfield would sell something so toxic!!! This was the first time we'd ever tried this particular topical flea/tick treatment. When we went to the vet, it was visible that his back was very red from him constantly biting the area where the medicine was applied.

My dog bit the nurse at Banfield when they tried to give him a medicated bath. He is not a biter might I add. When I questioned the Dr. about this topical treatment. He told me that just like with any topical treatment, there is a chance for a dog to have an allergic reaction. It seems like this is much more than an allergic reaction. My dog is going MAD! He can't rest! He's restless.....He is snapping at us. I tried to give him more Benadryl because it doesn't appear to be working and he bit me. I don't know what else to do.

He went into his crate (which he hates) but I guess he wants a place to try and get away... Banfield isn't giving me any answers. Nothing they suggest is working. I will NEVER EVER use this First Shield Trio AGAIN!!! It's toxic!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

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Bad, bad, bad! The same thing happened to my 11 year old moltipoo.

I'm taking the pack back to Bannefield.

Socorro G. August 3, 2019


DO NOT USE THIS TOXIC S$#@. My poor 7 lb pomeranian had the most terrible reaction to this "medication".

Frantic behavior, crying, incessant scratching, and muscle tremors. After a $500 visit to the ER, thankfully she is ok. ORGANIC products work just as well.

Do not believe the doctors that tell you to put this on your animal. a flea is actually less dangerous for the dog than the medication.


Been using for 2 years and it works great. Never had any side effects or problems.


I applied First Shield Trio to my girlfriend's cat & she died a month later. Although she had kidney failure, feline leukemia virus, hepatitis, & generalized fractious syndrome, I'm sure it was the First Shield Trio that did her in.I also put it on my 55 kg male Mastiff and saw no side effects the first two years I used it, but after this, I applied it once and my dog developed what the vet diagnosed as priapism, which lasted for about a week.We regularly consult with an animal psychic and she informed us that "Randy" felt as if the First Shield Trio was making him hallucinate. I'll never use this stuff again.


It’s a dog product, not cat. Do not apply to cats!!! That’s your fault, not the product!

@Michelle D

They have it available for cats and dogs.


Dawn dish liquid and cold water extensive bath's helps. Banfield staff at several locations and their corporate office are killers!!!!

Attitudinal, ignorant, low life gossipers is what they are!! Don't call corporate with concerns they'll send u first shield disillusioning u to think they care wen that's their way of harming or killing your pet!!!!

I'm cancelling membership watch them when u take your pet to them for vaccines if they leave the room with your pet, they're not doing the vaccines. You're paying monthly for services they're not doing!!!

@Shetlands Holmes

I take my pets to a banfield and they provide the best service in my opinion. My dogs get so happy seeing the nurses and our doctor. I’m sorry you feel this way but not all banfields are the same.


We've used Banfield for years and years with 10 different pets...dogs, cats, ferrets, even our lizard. They are terrific.


I use Banfield in Surfside, SC. Best staff EVER.


I have a Pomeranian that had a reaction to this product. My dog became itchy and lethargic.

I called my vet who said bathe him in dawn dish liquid. I did, he was still itchy.

I gave him cold water bath's and he's fine. Do not use first shield please!!!!!!!


I used First Shield Trio this past Sunday night, Nov. 26, 2017, on our 2 year old Australian Terrier.

The next day she had diarrhea and was behaving very strange.

When I walked her outside she immediately went under the bushes and walked like she was rubbing against the foundation of our house. She walks about 5-10 feet and then starts spinning in circles biting at her tail.

We run together every day but now she can't run more then 20 feet without spinning around, biting at her tail, then immediately sitting down. I took her to Banfield and the Vet checked her for flees.

Expressed her anal glands, and treated her for a "sist" that suddenly appeared on her back. They prescribed her an antibiotic and sent us home.

Two days later she still had same symptoms and I took her back to Banfield (same Vet). This time they checked her again for flees. Suggested I have her expressed again (I didn't) then they prescribe an anti-itch med and an anti-inflammatory.

24 hours later she's still not better. I started to question whether this Vet is really a doctor?

That led me to start googling this med and now I'm reading all these problems! Is there any treatment to help her?


I’m so sorry to hear your fur baby is having these problems. It saddens me that they are still selling this toxic stuff.

I had to give my baby several baths, and used a lemon dishwashing liquid so it could cut the oil base in that treatment. I also took him to another vet outside of the banfield vet and he told me my dog was having an adverse affect to something in that treatement. He was totally fine before that treatment.

Now he was biting at his back and could’nt rest. A bath coupled with the anti inflammatory should hopefully work for you..


Ok thank you. I've called two different vets this a.m.

I'm trying to find one who has experience with the side effects of First Shield Trio. I'm disappointed that so far its come up zero.

With your experience, did the symptoms eventually go away? How long did it take? I applied the treatment on Sunday night and now 6 days later she's not gotten any better.

I also posted same comments from above on Facebook last night but no one seems to have an antidote.

Banfield has prescribed the anti-inflaimatory, anti-itch and anti-biotic.

They are good had hiding their knowledge of these bad side effects. Once I get my dog through it I will file a corporate complaint with them over this.

Thank you again for your feedback.

Jim W.


My 7 mo English mastiff dog has been on this since March and this last time given (beg of July) she broke out in hives...sterpid shot made it go away didn't think it was flea meds..thought food allergy. Now it's happening again 2nd time this month.

My bf thinks it's the first shield. Never did research, trusted banfield vet and now my dog is itchy and has hives.


I applied this on my dog yesterday and had to rush him to a 24 hour clinic. I called Banfield today and they will not reimburse even a fraction of the cost for his care. I will NEVER use FIRST SHIELD again and will make sure that everyone in my circle of friends, family and acquaintances know to stay away from it as well.!!!


Banfield just sent me first should because they wouldn't adjust for another 6 months of triflex. I'm a bit anxious about using this. Also don't like Banfield and will be cancelling the ins asap


I applied first shield trio to my golden retriever and I had an allergic reaction. I did not touch the medicine at all but just breathing I could taste it.

Symptoms included vomiting dizziness tingling lips tongue and hands.

HAS ANYONE ELSE HAD THIS PROBLEM. I'm waiting to see how my dog reacts.


My miniature poodle had the same exact side effects! And it is ineffective.

Just found a flea and some eggs on my poor little guy.

Taking him to the vet first thing tomorrow! Any suggestions on what is effective and has no reaction on the skin?


I eventually have my baby wearing a flea collar. It’s an expensive flea collar as it costed like 70.00 but it lasts up to 8 months.

He’s been good since wearing. Never again will i put this toxic stuff on him.

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