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My pet dog was euthanize by Banfield pet hospital about 3 month ago, but Banfiled has been charging every month, pulling the amount from my bank account. I called them but they said that due to the wellness plan signed, it is not possible to cancel and that I have to be paying for the rest of the year.

This is outrage, I am a consumer that deserve respect. I was their client for more than fifteen years, and then did not even said

"sorry for your lost", and also I have been receiving advertising from them and to make it more painfully, to let me know about the next visit date to the vet for check out of my dog.

??? Banfield charges a one-time membership fee of $49.95 in addition to monthly payments that, for an adult dog, come to nearly $39.95 for the cheapest plan.

When I took my dog to be checked by the vet, it was very sick; old (15 years) they gave some medicines and treatment over night, then returned it to us. Charge $700.00, the dog got weaker and weaker until we decided to put her to sleep, Banfield performed the euthanize that was another $200.00.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I have the same issue.... my dog passed away 2 weeks ago...

they ran unnecessary test right before the day my dog passed away so I called Banfield corporation to cancelation, but they said, I have to pay all the balance ( which was all the test fee and doctors fee almost more than $700).. Banfield definitely knew that my dog could not survive but they ran all these blood work.

I am really sad at the same time really disappoint to banfield.

For my next dog, I will never get this plan ever again.


When an animal in a "wellness" plan dies, whether it be in a car accident or through illness, you do not continue to charge the person. It is a matter of decency.


Decency has nothing to do with business. This is a contract that is signed & must be fulfilled, just like any other contract.

The Wellness plans are basically the cost of a years worth of services spread out into 12 monthly payments. So instead of paying $$$$$ in one go at one or two visits per year when you get bloodwork, an exam, vaccines or surgery done, instead you only pay $40-60 a month and spread out the cost of all those services.

If they allowed people to stop paying after a few months they could potentially lose hundreds of dollars if the pet had already had all the expensive services performed.

Also, when you sign up they tell you that if the pet passes, is lost or re-homed, that you are still responsible for the remaining months payments, so this should not be a surprise to anyone who actually read the paperwork that they signed.


I am sincerely sorry for your loss. It's never easy losing a furry family member and I hope that the pain eases for you.

As for the plan. You signed a 1 year contract. In that contract it states that If you cancel before the year is up, you either pay the remainder of the months you owe or the services you've already used, at cost. It automatically renews each year as you know since you've been with them for so long, so each time it renews it starts the 1yr contract over again.

They are NOT charging for services that they haven't done. The WELLNESS plan is NOT insurance. You are paying a monthly fee to get preventive care that is heavily discounted.

The reason for the because people would sign up, use over $600- $800 worth of services, but they've only paid 4mo of payments and want to cancel. That's not right.

They performed a service so they should be paid for it. You expect to get paid at your job when you perform a service

You said you are on the cheapest plan, but it sounds like you are on the middle one that includes the dental cleaning, so let me break it down for you for the middle plan. If you are truly on the cheapest one, then the only difference is the % that's discounted on things that aren't covered, the urinalysis and the dental cleaning.

The plan is $39.95 a month for a year.

Total cost for the year is $479.40 The cost for services WITHOUT the plan are: -Office visits $35- $50 EACH -Vaccines $20-$35 PER vaccine -Deworming $20 EACH -Fecal exams $45- $50 EACH (u get 2) -Comprehensive exams around $150 -$200 (you also get 2 on the plan) -Heartworm 4dx test $50 -Dental cleaning $300 -Bloodwork $150- $200 (you get one by itself and one with the dental) -Urinalysis $60 So you've used over $700 worth of services (remember the total plan for the year is $479.40 so it saves tons of money) but you want to cancel after only paying 4-5more worth of payments, which is ONLY $160- $200 . You also get a 10%, 15% or 20% discount (depending on the level plan) on the things that aren't covered by the plan. Again, I truly am sorry for your loss.

I hope that in time you make room in your heart to add another furry to your family. The new one won't replace the one who passed away, but it may help you heal.


If you used services that cost more than you have paid in payments during the year, then yes you have to continue paying. They deserve to be compensated for the items off the plan that were done in hospital.


This happened because you allowed them to automatically take money from your bank account. Ever hear of a CREDIT card?

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