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On May.11,2013 my daughter took her tiny toy poodle weighing only 3 pounds into the Natomas Banfield for a supposedly routine dental cleaning. She dropped her pet off signed papers and was told that she would be given a call in a couple of hours once the procedure was done and ready to be released.

She got a call at around 9:15 am stating that the dog had passed out and needed to be picked up because they could not preform the cleaning.She and myself rushed back to the hospital to pick the dog up and to see what had happened. Once we got there the assistant went and got the dog from where they were keeping him. They brought him out to us he looked very weak and tired. The doctor explained to us that they could not do the procedure because he passed out due to not having any food or liquids in his system.

Mind you, we were told not to give the dog anything to eat after 10 pm before the day of the cleaning.He had a large lump on his neck with dried blood surrounding it we asked what is that on his neck and was told by the doctor that they couldn't find his veins in his leg and needed to find it by way of his neck.The doctor put the dog on the floor to see if he could stand up and it was visibly clear that he was very weak and could hardly stand so my daughter picked him up and as she was holding him she could feel his heartbeat slowing down and his head started slouching. I then yelled at the doctor to take him back to the room immediately for treatment. She did and came back to report to us that they had him on a I.V giving him fluids to help him and that we should go home and they would call us when he would be ready to be picked up. The doctor asked my daughter before we left that if the dog needed CPR would she authorize that.My daughter said yes of course.

We left to go home only to receive a call 45 minutes later from Banfield stating that we needed to return because the dog had went into cardiac arrest. My daughter returned to Banfield only to be told that her beloved pet had passed.She and I both we devastated behind this. We couldn't understand how this had happened.Banfield offered to do an autopsy as a courtesy for daughter to find out why the dog died.It took a week and a half for us to get the results.We got them back on May.21,2013. Banfield called my daughter and stated that they needed to speak to her concerning the results.

I took her and we both went in to talk with the doctor. The doctor told us that her dog died due to the nurse administrating a catheter into his neck and because he moved the needle punctured his artery and he bled to death.The doctor along with her manager stated how sorry they were and that this was the first time this had ever happened at this location. This is not acceptable to us.We are going to file a lawsuit against Banfield for this. We don't want to see anyone else go through this kind of pain and heartache.Banfield needs to have training classes for all their staff on how to handle all breeds and sizes of dogs.

Unfortunately for me and my family we now have to deal with the loss of an animal/family member that could have been prevented if only this nurse have of had the proper training.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Lawsuit in the works. See my youtube "She sure didn't like that tube down her throat"


Regret A Vet Facebook says:

please keep us posted ,)


I am so sad to hear about your loss. I agree this was total negligence.

Unbelievable they wanted you to pick up your dog when he was clearly very sick. This just show what they are all about. I was a vet tech for over 6 years and this method of taking blood is risky and unnecessary. I was recently at Banfield and they took blood this was also for a routine CBC and my dog was moving around and they just jammed the needle into him while he was facing away in the corner of the exam room.

This was a dangerous act that needlessly endangered my dog.

The vets are Banfield appear to be inexperienced and don't seem to care about the animals in their care.

Banfield is only concerned about making as much money from your as possible.. their wellness plan is a total scam.


Regarding the post about the toy poodle that died. First of all you people who checked under the post as "'FUNNY'.

ARE YOU PEOPLE SICK or just plain idiots??? Why would you do that? To the owner of the little poodle, sorry for your losss, what was done to you I feel was horrid. BUT...if you do decide to get another poodle PLEASE look for one from a well respected breeder, one that shows poodles and has some that are pet quality.

No where in the poodle breed is a toy poodle supposed to only weigh 3 lbs. That is not correct. People breed dogs for money and have NO idea what they are doing. They breed father to daughter etc..

Beware!! and again sorry for your loss.


What a horrible experience. It takes specialty training to place a jugular central lines so it should only have been attempted by a Veterinarian.

If this was a licensed technician you should definitely report them to the state licensing board & they should either need to loose their license or undergo re-training, but if this nurse was a unlicensed unfortunately there may not be much professional recourse against them. Hopefully this tragic event could persuade Banfield to only employ licensed nurses or restrict heavily what an unlicensed nurse is allowed to do?


I am so sorry for your loss. Unfortunately, you can't sue for the emotional loss of an animal.

You can sue for monetary damages like vet bills incurred due to negligence or the actual market value of the dog (as in how much money the dog would be worth if it was sold). So if your dog was a purebred, you could sue for the amount of money you paid for the animal. If it was a shelter dog, the most you would get would be about $50. I'm not saying that this is right - but this is the way it is in California.

The law does not recognize the emotional loss of a pet. You can file a complaint with the American Board of Veterinarians and talk to Banfield corporate offices, but who knows if they will care.

I'm so very sorry. I've never heard of this happening!

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