Quincy, Massachusetts

We took our beautiful, sweet Basset Hound rescue for a teeth cleaning, was told that her liver enzymes were low but she would be fine through anesthesia. They called and said she need a tooth extraction because it would be very painful for her.

We said "fine." They discharged her with a bunch of medications and didn't explain any of them to us. One of the medications was Carpofen (generic Rimadyl), which can destroy the liver. She was fine for a few days and then didn't seem herself. I called them on Saturday and was told as long as she was peeing and drinking water, she should be fine until a Monday appointment.

Sunday night she was convulsing and we took her to the emergency vet and had to watch her die a horrible death due to liver failure. The ER vet said we should sue them. We did hire an attorney, but after Banfield reviewed all of the records, they said they would refund our money and take both dogs off the Wellness Plan. This went on for two months.

I was paying for the Wellness Plan for my dog that they killed. We finally got most of our money back but nothing can replace our wonderful dog and we are heartbroken. Please beware of Banfield and their Wellness Plan. They are a big corporation and do not care about your pet.

Also, if your pet has to go on Rimadyl for any reason, be sure to get blood tests for liver regularly. We found out later she could have been given a different anti inflammatory that would have been safe for her.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I am so sorry for your loss. the only positive comments about Banfield on this site must be from their PR people disguising as consumers.

deepest sympathy


So sorry for the loss your your beloved dog. May you be reunited she you transition on the rainbow bridge.