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My dog was throwing up, belching, and had a distended stomach, obvious signs of bloat. Bloat if left untreated for more than 1 hour can actually kill your pet!!

I took him in to Banfield Pet Hospital 15 minutes before closing time and I could see two vets in the back seeing know one, just packing up.

The snooty lady up front told us that since we did not make an appointment to go to the VetER which said the wait would be 1 hour. Their decision killed my dog.

I will be moving to a private vet practice not associated with CORPORATE AMERICA that cares about my pet.

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Although this is truely sad, what did you expect them to be able to do in 15 mins for such a life threatening sickness???? Banfield does NOT allow their employees to go into overtime which is why they are very strict about office hours etc so they would not have been able to do anything usefull with such a short amount of time before all their staff had to leave. I have seen it written on this forum before & having an ex who worked for them ages agree fully that Banfield is NOT an Emergency hospital, they are not well enough staffed & they have very strict hours/staffing rules, and cannot provide supervised overnight care.

Banfield are locatde inside PetSmart stores, they are required to shut at LEAST 1 hour before the pet shop shuts to allow all nighly cleaning etc to be done ebfore the pet shops locks up for the night. Any pets inside the hospital/petshop are unsupervised all night which could be lethal for a sick pet. Even if Banfield are able to take in a last minute sick pet all they have time to do is try & briefly stalilize the pet before they HAVE to transfer it to an overnight/24hr facility becuse of the liabality issues with leaving a sick pet unattended. They do not have the authority to kppe the pet shop open after hours so there is nothing they can do.

People, please please research the facilities you choose to take a critical pet to - it should always be a 24hr facility with on-site surgical capabilities in such a case, which Banfield simply isnt. Sad but true.

On the other hand the Emergency clinic has no excuse - the whole reason an emergency clinic exists is to take in emergencies when other vets cannot/should not - if you gave them the signs of your pet they should have absolutely seen you right away because they would have been able to do surgery to stabilize/potentially save your pet

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