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My Mother took our Mix Pit in to get a checkup, shots and needed her nails clipped so a couple of so called experienced staff members took her in the back. When she came out she had some gauze saturated in blood on her front right paw, because they ACCIDENTLY ripped out a nail.

Now our dog won't let us touch her, bathe her, pet her, wants to attack when we do, she has been TOTALLY SCARRED AND NOT SURE WHAT TO DO TO BRING HER BACK TO THE GENTLE LOVING DOG SHE WAS.

It has been three months now and still she is SCARRED! My dog needs therapy!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Dog Nail Trimming.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Dog lost a nail.

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Sounds like your dog was, and is still quite traumatized.

However, I find it difficult to understand that a normally family friendly dog as you stated would be so traumatized over the accidental loss of a nail and a few shots would become so severely traumatized to the point that it would distrust and suddenly become aggressive towards its own family members.

Is it possible that your dog may have been a bit skittish to begin with?

You didn't mention as to whether the dog turned on or bit the groomer at the time his/her nail was cut (off)

Perhaps after the toenail area heals, there is no more pain and the bandage is off your dog's temperament may be better. Not all dogs are good about allowing their owners to poke and prod them if their having discomfort or in pain due to an injury.

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