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I took my beautiful Westie to Banfield, Austell GA on 10/21. She had been rubbing and biting her paws and had become very lethargic the day before and wouldn't eat.

Our appt was at 11:30 and I was told they wanted to do some xrays and I needed to leave her there for a couple hours. I left her and called the hospital around 2:30 for her status and was told the Vet would call me back with the results. Finally after not hearing anything I went back to the hospital at 4pm, where the vet came out and told me the xrays didnt show anything but she wanted to do another test and get a urine sample. After the blood test was done, about 5pm they tell me my dog's liver and kidney levels were high and wanted to give her a fluid iv to flush her kidneys out and for me to bring her back the next day for addtl fluids.

Well my poor baby never made it back the next day. We left there and she was so sick and limp, that I immediately drove to a nearby emergency vet hospital where my fur baby went into cardiac arrest and died. They asked for a run down of what happened that day, because she was only 7. I dont know what Banfield was doing to her, she was there ALL day yet they didn't think to do a blood test until 5pm.

Instead they kept suggesting testing that costs money - xrays, etc. Where the blood test is included in the plan I paid for and if they would have ran that when we 1st got there.

Please take your beloved pets to a real private vet who cares and will give them specialized attention. Not Banfield!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

  • incompetent veterinarian
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I am sorry for your loss. He is a beautiful dog.

I hope you were able to determine what happened to him. So sorry.