Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I wished I had read the previous complaint about Banfield Pet Hospital Teeth Cleaning before I took my two labs for the same service.

I dropped off my two lab rescues (90lb big ones) off at Banfield Pet Hospital Monday at 8:00am to have their teeth cleaned as a promotion they were running. They called customers to let them know about the special. And as instructed, I didn't feed them past 8pm the prior evening. They were dropped off at 8am and was told they'd be ready around 3-4pm that same day.

I called around 3pm to check up on the status to see if they were still on schedule. The response was that the person didn't know but I would receive a call shortly. No call. I called again at 4pm, then 5pm with the same responses. My rescues may become nervous being kept in a small space this entire time hearing a lot of yelping of another dogs. Still no call by 6pm, I decided to go up to the hospital to try to get a better and more direct response. There were 5 other customers waiting there at that time for their pet since 8am, just like me and just as concerned.

The front desk person just kept going back and checking the status of our dogs and one by one from 6:30 until closing, those us us waiting got our pets. A couple customers said "this is ridiculous, I want my pet" and "what are we waiting on". I agreed but stayed quiet until I was the very last person waiting until around 9:25pm.

In addition to the cleaning I did write on the pink slip on one of my labs that he had a dark patch on his tail causing him to itch I needed them to check out. They missed this when they brought him out. After pointing it out the took him back in and apologized. He was brought back out just a couple of minutes later with a small patch of hair shaved and I was handed a topical solution to use on it. I did this but after a few days he seemed to be more agitated about the tail area than before, so I took him to another vet. They stated the area was all over the complete tail not just one area. After they shaved his entire tail, you can see that was true. They prescribed medication and wrapped his entire tail and in a week it was cured.

I expected Banfield to provide this type of care. I did pay this new vet $100 for this even though I was under the Wellness Plan with Banfield. I was told my pets had to stay in their larger cages, but they could only have them so big because of space concerns. They had just enough room to lie down all day. Those of us remaining were also told that they didn't have time to take our pets outside that entire time for a bathroom break.

So in Summary, I feel I was offered this special 'service' to Banfield members tempting me to take advantage of it, starved them from the previous night having them not eat for over 24 hours, have them caged in a small area for their size for over 12 hours without an outside break, and then paid a different vet an additional $100 over my Wellness Plan costs to fix what I felt Banfield should have.

This is Bad.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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