Glen Carbon, Illinois
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I went there today with my dog. They had several in the back being seen.

I was told that the "doctor" was in surgery and could not see my dog till tomorrow while other pets were being seen and clearly being seen. Evidently they do not want people to use the coupons and pay full price so why bother having a *** coupon for their services. I have since made an appointment with a different vet.

They have totally lost my business because of their lies. I recommend people to find a vet in private practice or a smaller group practice where most actually care about those who they are to take care of.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Staff lying.

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Could you just walk into a human dr's and expect to be seen the same day??? Of course not.

Vets, just like human Dr's have a set number of appointments they can see per day & often book up weeks in advance, and have a responsibility to see their existing clients ahead of any new clients. Be realistic with your expectations and stop being a drama queen over nothing.


Banfield sucks, so you just saved yourself a great heartache. Not to mention being financially raped...


How do you know that pets were "obviously" being seen?

If you saw people picking up, it's likely because they have people drop off in the morning and they are seen throughout the day. They have set pick up times, so it doesn't mean the pet was seen right then.

A couple of them could have been just quick tech appts like checking incision sites, vaccines etc.

If you didn't have an appt, they were likely booked, which is why they tried to schedule you for the next day.

It has nothing to do with free coupons.

Pets who are on the wellness plans (which is 98% of the pets who go there) get unlimited free office visits AND a discount on whatever services they get when they come in, that aren't included in the plan. So they have absolutely no problem with free office visit coupons.

The doctor does surgery then in between surgery, they see the pets who have been dropped off and the appointments. It's obvious that you have no clue how a vet clinic, especially Banfield, runs.

So before calling them liars, you may want to check facts. Just sayin.

And like I said, I USED to work there. I do not work there anymore.

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