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Terrible Vet = Dr. Rotmistrovsky and this is why.....

I took our 4yr old female dog to get a yearly chek-up and rabies vaccination. She is VERY shy and timid (adopted pound puppy). She has had the vaccination before, no problem. She has NO health issues & is in great health.

The vet said her heart rate was too high and would come back to re-check it after 10 minutes. She calmed down and after the re-check, her HR was "high-normal" (My dog was shaking and quivering each time he touched her).

Because her heart rate was elevated, he DID NOT/WOULD NOT administer a rabies vaccination. I asked if there was a contraindication to a "high-normal" heart rate and the vaccination. He said no, but he didn't want to give it to her incase there's an underlying heart issue.

My take-home impression is that my dog is better off contracting rabies AND having a very low potential for a heart condition. ALL states require the vaccination. No exceptions. If my dog does have (VERY UNLIKELY) a heart issue, she still needs the vaccination.

A vet friend of mine writes:

Well his attitude mystifies me. I can think of no rational medical reason not to vaccinate an otherwise healthy dog with a slightly elevated heart rate.

If I followed that procedure in my clinic, I doubt if I'd give more than one of two vaccinations a month! Most dogs' heart rates are elevated in the clinic.

I would suggest either you give him a call and ask for an explanation as to why he won't vaccinate your dog, or find someone who will, and that really shouldn't be too difficult.

Do not go to Banfield in Surprise. Terrible, uneducated staff!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

Monetary Loss: $39.

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Soviet vet? Hmmm...


Over my 23 year career i have given thousands of vacs. It is VERY VERY common for a pet to be scared or excited in the exam room.

Hencr, that pet will have a fast HR. I agree with ur friend vet.

Go get your vacs elsewhere. That is just plain bad medicine...

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