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The thing that upsets me the most, is going to a vet who doesn't know what the heck their doing. Made an appointment (pup was due to shots), they told me about the wellness plan about 31.45 a month, i was like okay. When i got there for my appointment, yeah they took me in, etc. I talk to the so called doctor vet, who talks about the plan more than anything else, i told her, my pup was showing signs of few things. She straight out said its worms, i was like no, i don't think so. (cuz i seen dogs w worms before) I said she was hardly pooing, and had a odor, it must be swollen glands. Adds that its still worms and their properly eggs. Still didn't think it was worms. Any how they give her shots follow along w anti-flamme shot, not only that but they clipped her nails. Cuz i wanted them short, were too long. So the vet tells me it's going to take 15 mins, to wait outside or stay in the waiting room, as they take the pup to the back to get it all done.

So i come back after looking around the store, petsmart. Ask if she's ready (since banfield is right next door). They go get her pretty fast and give her to me. As i get her, i start to check her nails, I notice some were cut way too short and that she was bleeding, while others were left bit long. I of course complain right away to the lady in front of the desk. I show her that some nails were cut to short and that if they were intentional trying to hurt my pup. The lady in the front desk right away starts saying no, in a scared kind of matter, tries to change the subject while i complain to her and does so more than 3 times. Then i would ask her questions, she didn't no ***!

Then i asked her much its going to be, cause she just kept going in a loop with changing subject after subject. So that it was 34.95 a month, plus 50 for the visit, shots 100, nails 13 (though they did a horrible job at it), 20 bucks on anti-flamme shot, etc. Not only that they charge a subscription flee when do any of the wellness plans with out telling you, really or any type of plan that you get for the first time. Which i got mad, cause they didn't tell me about it. Also don't believe the online free appointment thing, it's not really free. Your still really paying. So the lady in front started then bringing up if only i brought a coupon would i get a major discount, yeah right. That coupon only pays 5 dollars. 5 *** dollars! while your left paying 100 bucks or more.

The thing that upsets me the most they said they never gave me any time of results, on what she had. They suppose gave her shots, charging me, and I. I don't even know if they really did give her shots, or what the heck they did to her in the back. Next thing you they called, one day after her visit. Is the pup fine? before i can even answer with a uhmm, they hang up, right away. (wtf!) Banfield. Now 2 days later she has a tiny lump on her right side.

I REGRET taking my pup there! The people there don't even know anything about pets, nor know how to *** trimmed nails properly. This people are inexperience, money sucking fleas! That's all i have to say! Just the way they handle pets, you expect more from a doctor vet visit than *** service they give. They may seen nice, and dress but it's the worst place to take your pet. Their just MONEY SUCKING FLEAS, I TELL U!

SAVE YOUR MONEY, And find your self a real good vet, who listens to all your questions, pays attention to your pet's needs!

Reason of review: All of the above.

Monetary Loss: $286.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Fees and lack of concern for pet, Lied about procedure, Payment, Trimming of the nails, Pet costumer service plus service included.

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I can shed some light on a couple things.

#1. Nail trimming.

Pets have a "vein" called a quick in their nails. The quick grows with the nail. So if their nails are too long, especially the ones that are outrageously long, the quick will be cut. There isn't anyway to avoid it.

This is why keeping up with regular trimming is important. Also, if the nails are black there's no way to see the quick. In that case, a tiny bit is cut, then a little more etc. Techs don't intentionally quick them, we try to go as short as possible (owners always want as short as possible) without cutting the quick, but sometimes it happens.

I've seen some nails that were so long, the only way to clip them was so sedate the pet and clip them extremely far back including the quick (reason for sedation) and then bandage the paws for a few days after. Vet offices and groomers carry "quick stop", which is a powder to put on the end of the nail if the quick happens to be cut. Shoot, I've trimmed my own dogs nails and have cut the quick. It's just hard to avoid it sometimes.

Doesn't help that one of my dogs has black nails, making it impossible to see the quick.

#2 I promise you that techs and doctors don't just take the pet to the treatment area just to sit there and act like they are working on your pet. They ARE actually doing it.

#3 As for the lump at the injection site. That is usually the vaccine itself and it should start to slowly spread through the body. Masaging it may help.

Or it could be a localized reaction to the vaccine. Neither of those are the offices fault. It happens.

#4 Lastly, I'm sorry that you didn't have a good over all experience. I would give the manager a call and speak to them.

Tell them about your experience and the things that upset you. I know you are mad, but try talking to and explaining to the manager in a calm way. Maybe try giving a different location near you a chance? Or see if you like the other doctor or another doctor at that location better?

I know it's all the same company, but the staff GREATLY ranges depending on each location. Just like not all private practices are the same and not like all private practices have a great caring staff. I know there are bad vets, vet techs and vet receptionists out there but a majority of them truly do care about the well being of the pets and truly care about the clients. As for the results of the tests they performed, you can ask them for a copy of everything.

I'm sure it's all inputted into the computer.

I hope you find either a different location that you love or a completely different vet office that you love. The most important thing is your pets well being and to find a vet you trust.