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I have had 2 dogs on the Banfield "wellness program" for 4 years. No more.

Make an appointment, go and wait and be told the doctor is not coming in. Unless you have the first appointment in the morning, they are overbooked and unorganized. Wellness plan or not, you can never get your pet in for an emergency. You are forced to find another vet at the last minute.

No more.

I cancelled my wellness plan yesterday. Another vet will cost me more in the long run but I will have peace of mind I will be treated timely and professionally.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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? Banfield is a medical hospital.

Do you throw a hissy fit when you aren't seen quickly at the doctors office? Your emergency may not be the only one entering the hospital, Banfield makes a point to see the biggest emergencies first.

Taking care of your pet is what they chose to pay lots of money to go to school to do... they obviously care.


Welove the Banfield that we use -- guess it depends on the individual facility


They have got to be the most unorganized company I've ever dealt with. "Come drop your dog off in the AM between 7-8:30am." I kid you not...everytime I do this the person that should be there at 7pm isn't there. Plus they'll just call you out of the blue to tell you that you missed an appt you never made!!!

Banfield P

We strive to provide our clients and their Pets with high quality medicine and exceptional client experiences on every visit. We apologize that your visit to one of our hospitals was unsatisfactory. To address your specific concern, and to help us improve our overall service, we would appreciate it if you would call us at 1-877-500-2288 to tell us what happened.


It would not surprise me if you named your dog Prince, Princess, or Precious. You are just another person who expects the world to revolve around them.

You probably expect them to tell other people their appoointments are cancelled so you and your precious dogs can be treated. I doubt they will be missing you.

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