We have had our Bernese Mountain dog for 2 weeks. I signed up for the Banfield wellness plan the first week. During the second week that we had our puppy she broke her leg trying to jump her dog gate in the kitchen. I took her to Banfield and patted myself on the back for buying the wellness plan.

Well the office visit was free and I received 10 percent off of my total bill. However the total bill was 850 for the visit, xrays, casting of her leg and various medications. They recommended that we see an orthopedic specialist. Well during the night she got off her 200 cast and 50 O collar.

The next day we take our puppy to the orthopedic specialist expecting to pay twice as much as the previous day. They redid all of the xrays and recasted her leg. To our suprise the bill was only 225. They suggested that some of the medications we were given ( antibiotics that cost 90 ) were totally unnecessary.

Frustrated and Ripped off!

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Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #7529

A WELLNESS plan has nothing to do with emergency services, that is for preventitive care. Why do people think that animals are "cheap", it's medical just like if it were your child, if you can't afford it then don't have one, if you can then don't *** about it

New Ulm, Minnesota, United States #3911

you need to read the reciept they gave you and review everything you were charged for. I've seen several puppies with broken legs and it has never been over $300.

You really need to see what all they charged you for. If you get a huge bill like that again, ask what all the charges are for.

Dryden, Michigan, United States #3345

It's an E collar...not an O collar! If you're going to make an argument...sound edukated.

(haha yes I know it's really spelled educated). ***

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