Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

I have 3 dogs I take to Banfield Pet Hospital. Everyone that works there are so nice and caring.

They always call the next day after visit to inquire about our pets. I'm sorry others have had bad experiences with Banfield but I've only had good experiences. I now have a 4th dog that will also be going to Banfield, he will also be on one of the wellness plans. I've saved over 2-3 thousand dollars this past year by having my pets on these plans.

I was spending 300-500 dollars per pet twice a year at another vet just for shots.

I am happy with the service provided by my vet, Dr. Amy Craven at Banfield.

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I currently use a Banfield in Southern Connecticut and I am extremely happy with the service I receive there! The wellness plan is great, the vet is great and so is the team of people there.

Sometimes I think people just want to blame someone else for something bad happening to their dog. It happens sometimes and just like going to a doctor, nothing is perfect.

I've been misdiagnosed by MD's numerous times! Give these people some credit!


Actually, at a lot of Banfields the people that work up front at also trained to nurse. And there actually isn't any software that makes "CALL THESE PEOPLE" pop up.

You can access the records and print a list.

Vets are just people. There are people we get along with and people we don't get along with. I have met vets that I don't like -- I've had to work with them. But most people become vets because they genuinely care about animals.

You have to remember that they get yelled at and harassed by people that are upset... sometimes several times a day.


Based on your experience all the credit goes to Dr. Craven, not Banfield.

Banfield's wellness plans are only good for preventive care. The real Banfield prices will come out when your pet gets sick.

They come up with all the hidden charges and outrageous prices. Most of the vets are new grads and they are managed by previous rental care managers who do not know any thing about medicine and they are good at adding extra services so that your bill goes up.


The vets are not all new grads, at MB Banfield there is a mix of both. If you think about that though, would you rather have a docotr fresh out of college and with a lot of recent training and teachings on new tecniques?

Does that not make sense? Also, at Banfield, there is a computer screen in each room. Whenever there is a treatment plan for a pet, the doctor or nurse goes over this with the client. If there is a problem with a fee, the client can discuss it with the docotor before anything is done.

The plan plainly states that it is for preventive care, but one does get a disount on other services. And last, how hard do you think it would be to have an animal as a patient? It is not like they can tell you if they are sick, hurt, tired, or anything else. These doctors of Veternary medicine have to sometimes run tests in order to find out what is wrong with an animal.

The pet sure can't tell them what is going on, and they are very good at hiding illnesses. A dog can be very sick, near death, and still wag it's tail as if nothing is wrong. Give these DVM's some credit! Oh, the annual average salary for a DVM is not as high as what you would think.

At Banfield, it isn't even a 6 figure income, averaging around $65K! So no, DVM's are NOT in this for the money!

@Tired of the bashing

Sorry you are tired of all the bashing! I would not be pissed off if these so called DVM's knew how to give a shot correctly!!

I think it is ridiculous that our puppies leg was violently shaking after the DVM missed twice and on the third time finally got it. I mean she is a small puppy! She is not a Chow or a German Shepard they are having to wrestle with. She weighs 1 ln 8 oz.

What does money have to do with it. If they wanted to make more money go into another field. The job I did for years I did not make a fortune, but I was a good at my job and loved it. There might be some good DVM with Banfield.

I have seen so many negative reviews about dogs dying to misdiagnose. The staff is rude and uncaring!

I will say that one front desk person and one DVM was great! It is to bad that the others who do not care, are rough with the animals and some of the staff are plain rude, ruin it for the few who are good!


Thanks for all the comments good and bad. Maybe you can suggest that Banfield Company Headquarters uses the Myrtle Beach Banfield as a role model for the others hospitals.


Im sorry but does your vet call you after you visited to see how your visit went and if you have any concerns at all? Nope didn't think so maybe cause they give two craps about you and your pet. Stop showing prejudice to all Banfields cause you had a bad experience in one...and also get a life :)


Let me guess you work for Banfield, correct? The answer to your question does my vet call the day after the visit?

Yes, she does. She even gave me her cell phone number when our cat had dental surgery in case I had a question. Yes, I do have a life...thank you! Banfield is just not a part of it any more!

Thank goodness! Maybe you should get a life outside of Banfield!!


@Event Chic

The people that usually do the calling are the people at the front desk who don't actually treat the pets, so no one is lacking in care because of those calls... and the reason they call is to make sure they can catch any adverse reactions before they become too serious. I would think that checking up on your pet after an appointment would be a welcome service, but because the computer reminded them to do it then it's somehow bad?

I've always had great experiences with Banfield. My dog has been going there since the day I brought him home, and my DVMs have always done a great job. I actually worked at the front desk for awhile because after I saw how well they treated my pet I knew that it would be a great place to work that would actually advocate what is best for the pets. And that is exactly what I witnessed when I worked there, though obviously my experience will not be everyone's experience. I know there are some bad offices out there, as with any chain, and I think that really sucks because it's giving a bad rep to the company as a whole and that really shouldn't be the case.


Do you know why they call? Not because they care, but because they have software systems in place that pop up a reminder and make them call so they can check it off the list.

Why do other vets not do this?

Because they focus on taking care of the animals and nescessities rather than upselling and charging higher rates. The vets at Banfield are paid bonuses based on sales.

@Event Chic

Actually, WE DO call because we care! Do you know how many times the nurses and DVMs come up to the receptionists to see if a call has been made to a sick or injured pet they treated the day before?

Every day! I know because I make the calls!

Often the nurses and Doctors will make those calls on their own, when time permits. I am floored that you think a follow up call is a bad thing!

@Event Chic

The Vets are NOT paid bonuses! Actually, they USED to be paid bonuses, as well as the Techs, but the company did away with bonuses several years ago. Please know your facts before you post false information!


That's rare

Banfield P

Poohbear48, thank you for telling us about your positive experience at Banfield Pet Hospital. Feedback from clients like you helps us exceed our goal to help pets live long and healthy lives.


Wow! You actually found a good one?

What are the odds of that ... slim and none?

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