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We had an extremely bad experience with Banfield The Pet Hospital in Manahawkin NJ.

We were initially very satisfied with Banfield, they conned me into the plan, what a waste of money that was.

The 3 cats contracted a skin disorder, and after hundreds of dollars to Banfield that were not covered, they were still having medical issues.

My wife in the mean time started to have the identical sympyoms as the animals, and after 3 monyhs back and forth to the Dr. and the vets, was finally diagnosed with ringworm. Banfield, and Dr. candela once again charged us for these services to attempt to diagnose the cats, not covered by the "Plan" of course, and literally accused my wife of giving the cats Ringworm. Note to self, the cats had the problem a month and half prior to the wife.

I would not bring a dead animal to a Banfield Hospital after this because they would have me purchasing a wellness plan, and spend thousands on tests to find out what is wrong with the pet, hint it's died!

Maybe some Banfields are good, but the one in Manahawkin NJ, they're hacks.


Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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There are too many complaint on different on line sites about Dr Condella, and his greed and rudeness.I just wish I had researched this facility before I wasted my time and money.


I agree wuth uh, It is preventative care and all the things you paid for were discounted. Read what you sign and learn from your mistakes.


Had simlar exsperience.You should have read all the complaints about this facility before you went. You should have ran for the hills when you hear this vets and banfields name you would have done yourself a big favour. The staff lack knowledge,he proberly hires his staff at minimum wage as they have no proper training except to try and push an insurance discount plan.


i have a 4 dogs and 2 cats and we take them to dr. Candela.

He loves my animals and they seem to love him. I love Candela's calm energy that he gives off. I have never had a bad experience. My puppy just got fixed and when we picked him up after the surgery he seemed like he had been recovering for days.

His stitches looked as if they'd been healing for a good week or so on the first day! Amazing.

I have saved tons of money by putting my puppy on the wellness plan. Especially with how much i've saved on visits, medications and his surgery.


I agree with BJ and Littlemickey!!!!


It is unfortunate that the vet said that to you. However,if you would read the contract you signed it states what is covered and what isnt.


Your pet's skin is not prev care, but an illness. People should read things before they sign them......

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