Kennewick, Washington
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They called my daughter told her she needed to decide where she wanted her dog to die because it was almost 6pm and they close.

This is where I stepped in!!!

I Called my vet Animal Hospital of Pasco Dr Oliver took over and saved Vanders life.

I use to work for Banfield Vet in Portland and was shocked to have witnessed how insensitive, unqualified all employees were, to top this the employees were whispering to my daughter to take Vander somewhere else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: dogs live cant put a price on it!!!!.

Monetary Loss: $544.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Wanted to put down dog when not necessary.

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What? Your post's states they (Banfield) called my daughter and asked if she wanted her dog to DIE because it was almost 6pm?

Your post is missing relevant information as to what was wrong with the dog in the first place PRIOR to the phone call from Banfield to your daughter.

Another words, your post makes no sense whatsoever.

Your comment makes it sound as if Banfield was going to put the dog down if the dog wasn't picked up by 6pm closing time. You need to fully clarify your comment information.


No that post does not say they asked if she wanted the dog to die because it was almost 6. The post makes perfect sense to me, obviously regardless of what was wrong with the dog, they were being smart *** and saying hey we are closing at 6pm and you need to come get your dog so ot can die at home with you or stuck there all night and doe alone cause they were closing. It says they wanted to put the dog down unnecessarily.


So sorry, they almost killed my cat too. I got better medical advice from a shelter vet, and paid a lot less too.


They did the same thing to me. It was more important to close

than to let my dog wake up from sadation. I took him home

and he died. He was on the wellness plan. I had to pay them for killing my dog. *** You, Banfield.




You most likely refused to pay for the overnight care.