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Very poor Manners, Has an attitude, Cleaned my dogs teeth and called to say she needed to pull some teeth I called right back only to get busy signals twice and three times an answering machine, that said they would check messages every hour. on the sixth call I got through.

Dr Gallagher said she could not keep her under I understand that. She then said some may fall out and the rest would wait for a YEAR. Then why would she pull them now???? She is very rude and my dogs will never be treated by her again.

She is a terrible Dr. with no feeling for the owners.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Customer Care.

Reason of review: with The Dr..

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Dr gallagher.

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She likely wanted to pull them out now because they already show signs of disease (such as redness in the gum around the tooth, erosion of the gum from around the tooth, mobility of the tooth, destruction of the enamel of the tooth, or evidence of pain when the tooth was examined).

Since she could not speak to you to get permission (legally she has to do that, unless you had pre-agreed that she could do whatever was needed without having to give you a new estimate - there is a box you can check on the Banfield pre-anesthetic agreement that gives you that option) then she had no choice but to leave those teeth there and the ones that are really badly diseased will fall out on their own, the others will sit there getting worse until your pets next dental cleaning.

This is not ideal as it is likely painful for your pet to eat & can cause problems with the bone in the jaw and risks abscesses etc forming.......and that is why it would have been better to pull them out ASAP.

This is why it is incredibly important whenever you have a pet under anesthesia to always list a tel # that you can be IMMEDIATELY reached at. This is not her fault at all.

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