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I called 2 hours ahead with all info. needed, but upon arrival they had no idea what I was there for. I'm visiting TN from TX, so they said my Wellness Plan didn't apply, and I had to pay in order for him to be seen. I tried to explain I had spoke to Corp. before leaving TX, and what I was told. They immediately became rude and argumentative!!

Instead of asking why I was there, they assumed it was for shots and so insisted I "Transfer" my plan, and pay the full fees...or they would refuse to treat him.

When I tried to explain the visit was for an injury, and I had discussed coverage with both my Dr. in Texas and Corp., theri rudness and sarcastic worsened! They were downright mean-spirited!!!

I kept asking them to call Corp. to review the policy - when they finally did, they lied by stating I "refused" to pay the fees, and wouldn't comply with the Banfield rules....then said Corp. told me to I asked to talk to Corp. and explain. Once I did, Corp. agreed with what I said and told them what they should have done all along...which as to treat this as "Traveling" care, not a "Transfer"!

When I came back 1 hr. 45 mins. later, the Dr. tried to show me how to clean the suture, but she couldn't get it to work, so took my cat in the back and cut the wound bigger so she could stuff the plastic bottle tip into the wound...but still couldn't get it to work! When I asked her if she couldn't do it, how did she expect me to do it? Esp. since he was sedated, and wouldn't be when I do it. She took the solution away and said: "Forget it, since you're refusing to clean it". I stated that I NEVER said that, I simply asked how I was going to be able to clean it if she can't! She said "then don't do it, or I guess you'll have to bring him back everyday so we have to clean it".

Then I asked why she didn't include pain medicine for him since this was a major wound with a drainage tube and would take at least two weeks to heal - and I was going to have to clean it twice a day by shoving the tip of the bottle into his wound...her reply was "he's just a cat"!

On top of all this, I was overcharged (a hospital stay, which is only for overnight stays, etc.). And I had to insist he be given pain medicine. When I asked about the charges, the Nurse told me they can charge this for the few minutes they watched him before they released him to me. When I asked about Dr.'s Assist. charges, he literally reached over and pulled my cats injured leg up in the air, and said "this is what that charge is for! For someone to hold his leg up while the Dr. shaved his injured leg". I couldn't believe my eyes!! And now I was tearing up just watching how they treated him! Before it was all over, he told me "maybe you shouldn't ever come back there again"!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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I'm really sorry to hear that happen. I can say I have never been as rude!


I used to work in an animal hospital and this behavior is so unacceptable. Even if you were the rudest client, we would have been fired for treating you or your pet in this manor.

I have worked with a couple people who quit Banfield because of the attitude of the employees. I am sure not all Banfields are this way, (Some are privately owned and some are corporate) but they do have a bad reputation.

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