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The College Station and Waco Banfields are the only one's I go too. My dog was extremely sick; yelping when he strained to defecate to no avail, not eating or drinking, scratching with rashes and swelling all over his body and eyes, dragging his butt across the concrete until it bled and scratching his ears until they had scars.

Of course I didn't let this last long but it got bad extremely fast. I normally took my babies to College Station but when I moved I tried the duncanville because I have a wellness plan (no complaints on that). I tried to explain to the vet, who was fairly young , all of the problems and he completely ignored the digestive problems and offered some allergy medicine and no pain medicine when he was obviously in pain. They ran no tests at all, just looked him over and said he just had allergies.

WRONG. that night he squirted blood while screaming at the top of his lungs. I took him to the ER in Mansfield (great hospital for animals) and the first thing they did was take a blood panel and listened to what I told them and they immediately diagnosed him with pancreatitis. All of this could have been done at banfield (for much cheaper) but I'd pay any price for my baby.

Plus, he had to stay in the hospital for 2 days because he was so sick. They even claimed the vets at banfield incompetent to not even try to look further into all of the obvious problems and this cost me 1800$. I was so mad because my baby could have died if he hadn't been treated on time and he suffered 8 extra unnecessary hours. I called the Duncanville Banfield to complain and everything took 2 months of calling corporate for them to only refund me 70$ and I had to hang up the first time so I wouldn't be disrespectful because the manager tried to make me feel like it was all my fault (like i'm the expert) and questioned me like a cop and protected the vet and vet tech when they lied, claiming they asked plenty of questions and did everything by protocol (WHICH THEY DID NOT).

They didn't care at all about my baby and no one ever apologized for screwing up because apologizing would suggest that they were at fault and god forbid that someone messes up and puts a owners dog's life at risk. The manager didn't even ask how my baby was, she just interrogated me. I WILL NEVER GO TO THAT SORRY EXCUSE FOR A VET CLINIC AGAIN. I will drive the extra 20 minutes to the clinic in waco.

This happened at the end of 2016 and I realized that there was no point fighting them after calling maybe 50 times because no one cared to that extent. But now I am more aware and attentive while I go to the vet and if there is something done or not done that I do not like, I voice my opinion. I pay for the wellness plan, I pay for the visits, therefore I pay for their paychecks and the customer is never wrong (for the most part). Every chance I get I will publicly wrong the Duncanville location of Banfield.

It should be shut down and all the vets and manger should be permanently fired and they should be paying for the ER bill.

But big companies will do anything to keep from spending money. That's all I have to say about that.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It took that long for you to realize you are dealing with idiots?

i'm glad to hear your kid is doing better. Yes, I said your kid.

I have (14) 4 legged kids.

Next time (Hopefully there won't be a next time) read the reviews....since you're new to the area, and make your educated guess.

Best wishes,


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