Richmond, Virginia

I bring my dog to Banfield hospital for an complete medical exam (Xrays, blood test, etc) I requested also ear cleaning for my dog. This visit cost me little over $ 1000.

After 2 days I notice that my dog have some problems on his left ear, she start bleeding and seems to be in pain.She never have ear infection before, so for me was obvious that something hapend durring the ear clearing process.

I bring my dog back to hospital and they come with an estimate of over $680 for tests & lab exams and medication. In conclusion this hospital is not only expansive but also want you to pay for their own mistakes too.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I was paying for a wellness plan and they pick and choose who they like and they never called me to let me know that my pet was do for her vaccines. But yet they call my friend to remind her that her pets are due and shew hasnt been going there for a year and they tried to get me to pay for evey thing still i.

Trying to make a complaint they dont care for the animal they only care for the money and are over priced. I will never bring my pet there as well as i would recommend people not going there either if you want good care i would go some where else.


My dog caught an upper respitory infection under there care. He died 2 weeks later after they gave him so much medication.

They would not treat until I came up with more money which I didn't have. I had just paying for all his other treatments previously. Since I could not pay for their mistake, I had to put him to sleep.

They would not even give him fluids. I orgianlly took him in for his nail on 1/1/2013 ,which I had to drop him off for that procedure and under their care he died 01/16/2013.


That is BS. If you cant afford care, don't have a dog.


Until Banfield gets ahold of them. The dog had an affordable problem with his nail.

But when Banfield was done the dog's owner had incurred more fees due to the incompetence. The remark is uncalled for. He lost his dog because of Banfield.

Dogs also aren't just for the rich who can afford quality treatment. Have you never seen a homeless vet and his dog?

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