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On 05.25.10 we went to Banfield The Pet Hospital at 3993 Tyrone Blvd. in St. Petersburg, FL. we went for a physical exam for my dog. I had gotten an estimate of $39.95, over the phone,which was the final price for that.

While there, I was told that in order to complete the form I brought with me, my dog would need a fecal exam, also. The nurse, Lisa, informed me that would be an extra $30.00. Because I did not have that with me, I declined.

After paying the $39.95, which was fine, for the original physical, I asked for a printed estimate for the fecal exam. Now, the fecal exam would cost $41.65, instead of the original estimate of $30.oo. Both the nurse, Lisa, and the store manager, Samantha, acted like this "little" mistake was no big deal.

I wonder if the bank told them their car payment was going to be $300.00 per month, but then charged them $416.50 per month, if then it would be a big deal.

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That's why it's called an ESTIMATE. Most Medical/Veterinary services can only be based on estimates because trreatment plans will need to be changed if they find something wrong/the pateints condition changes/the history you gave them changes etc etc. There are too many variables in medicine to be able to provide 100% price guarentees - just be grateful that Veterinary medicine is so much cheaper than human medicine.

I would also caution that if such a small price difference made this unmanagable for you that you should re-think owning a pet or at least get pet insurance because heaven forbid anything bad happens would you able to afford even basic healthcare for your pet or would it have to suffer without any care??


If twelve dollars breaks you then you need to examine why you didn't pay more attention in school. In school they teach you things, like how to get better jobs, or what the definition of an estimate is...


Agree with Freddy...you will be scammed if you go to Banfield. They will require repeated office visits at $44.95 a pop and repeated unnecessary tests.

My 14 yr old female dog became incontinent just as many humans do as we age. Initial test to rule out infection etc. were necessary. After second urine test and office visit it was determined, as I knew, just old age and loss of control.

Meds were prescibed and are helping but, to renew the prescription we have to pay for another office visit and likely more tests. Any excuse to get you and your beloved pet back for another fee, no concern for cost to owners!


and its not a big deal, if it happens once, to a few people SOMETIMES.

but when it happens everytime you go in, and it happens to thousands of people nation wide...

its something completely different.


They estimated the physical exam would be 40 dollars. and the fecal would be 30.00. two different things.

So why dont you learn how to read.


It's called an ESTIMATE for a reason. Sometimes after examining the pet they need to add some things on. And I hardly think that $11.65 is the same difference as $116.50.


Scammed if you go here !!!!!!!! Please let people know its not about a couple of

dollars, it happens to everybody, A dollar here a couple of dollars there think of how much extra money they are making !

Would you stand for this at the grocery store ? I understand estimate that is why they won't give you price up front. You just pay ! They have you by the balls when your animal is sick.

Hello they are a corp.

How do you think they go there? Its not by caring vets.Its by taking your money !!!!!!!!


The estimate was 39.95 not "30 dollars". The difference in the actual price was less than a dollar.

Seriously? You're complaining about 75 cents?


agree with the above posts. you are a cheap ***


Which is exactly why it's called an "estimate" and not "final price". Learn your definitions of words.


When you bring your car in for something wrong with it, they give you an estimate, definition:this could be the cost but it could change according to what is wrong with your car. An estimate is not a final cost. All the estimates in the printed invoice at Banfield have an estimate range of what the cost could be, Read your paperwork, really its common sense!!!


wait until your dog gets sick or dies because of something that exam would have told you... bet you then the extra twelve dollars would be worth it. I wonder if it would be cheaper to pay the difference in the exam or to burry your dog...woof



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