Vestal, New York

I was told by the dr at this location that my cat has pancreatitis. I took him there because of different noticeable changes in him.

He is vomiting anything he eats or drinks. He does not sleep and he is 14 yrs old. I have to move because of my financial situation. I have called and gone into Banfield to make an appointment to have him euthanized and they keep telling me only "if" the vet decides it should be done.

the vet told me once before that with surgery at an outlandish cost of around $2000 or $3000 my pet my live longer. I believe that is cruel an inhuman punishment for a 14 yr old cat. I have called several other vets who tell me that Banfield cannot refuse my request of euthanizing my 14 yr old sickly cat. I will never, ever take another pet to Banfield.

what right do your vets have to cause this pain in animals? you are forcing a cat to live longer than is God's plan.

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It is kind of ironic that YOU want to euthanize your cat, yet say that it is Gods will that it shall not live longer??

anyway sorry for your traumatizing experience


Your comment does not make sense. Why is it ironic?

I am assuming that you are an absolute vegetarian. If you think ending a suffering animal's life is taking the role of "God" what must you feel about raising to kill animals for food? Or killing an absolutely healthy one to eat when you have other options? Ok to kill an animal 'cause you feel hungry but not to end pain and suffering?

Ending a suffering animals life humanely and quickly to prevent more suffering is not taking the role of God, how could it be? It is a human choice to do so, and in doing so one is acting as a human being, not as God.

That said, I see the vet's role to help the person determine how much suffering, is the condition treatable, how long can the pet live, how will the quality of life be, and then help to make the best decision. If the person disagrees, they should find another vet and make sure.


Actually a Vet can absolutely refuse to euthanize ANY pet if they don't feel it is in the animals best interest. For example (I am a vet so I've 1st hand had to deal with such upsetting/annoying requests requests) owners who are moving don't want to take their pet with them or are moving to a place that won't allow pets, owners who have a baby & don't have time for a pet & a baby, cats who are scratching owners furniture or peeing outside of the litterbox, dogs who bark to much.................the list of *** requests goes on & on & on.

Legally the receptionist who makes the booking CANNOT promise you that the Vet will make the decision to euthanize your pet.

Given what you describe it is likely that the vet will agree with you & euthanize your pet given it's poor prognosis but that is not the point.

The person making the appointment is not a vet & legally cannot make that decision on behalf of the vet - they could be fired if they did. That is why they have to state that it can only be 'if' the vet agrees/decides it's OK.




I had to call another vet hosp. to euthenized my dog as it was in renal failure and dying slowly because day before Thanksgiving I could not get Banfield to do it.

I have had 5 dogs and 2 cats on their plans. This was after over $5000.00 spent on ultasounds, xrays and biopsies trying to help my pet. After all this the vet at Sajo Farms took one look at my dog and said it was time. My baby was 12 and a pomerainen.

I am now taking my pug to Sajo Farms even though I still have 3 mos. left on the Banfield plan and I encourage others not to take pets to Banfield.

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