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They'll sign you up for a wellness plan with the promise of saving you tons of money and forget to mention that its a mandatory 12 month program. They also give you the impression that everything is included, but'll always end up spending money every time you take them to their "included vet check".

When you finally realize they are over charging you and you call to cancel the plan, because you realize you would rather spend less and give the money to a local vet who wont over charge you or treat your animal for unnecessary reasons, you will be told to bend over and grab your knees by a sassy (not the fun sassy) rep who tells you "ITS UNDER THE AGREEMENT".

You know, the one they give you after you sign up for the plan that you're told will save you money during your animals exam. The exam where they tell you the long list and costs off all the things your poor rescued street kitten will need. You wanna do the right thing, and so you sign up thinking they have you and your animals best interest at heart. Their cold, dead, black, shriveled corporate heart....

So, you tell the sassy rep that all of these hidden costs nor the 12-month agreement were explained to you and you weren't given the agreement to read before hand. The ever so helpful rep will let you know that you have the convenient option to either pay out the remainder of your contract in full or continue the plan until the contract is up. Well, of course you're going to continue the contract because why would you give someone a lump sum of money and then give more money to another vet.

Lets get something straight, the people who work here are friendly and have a great smile.......but so did Ted Bundy. Even Satan side eyes this company.

SO TAKE MY MONEY! Me and my cat dont need to eat, but ask yourself.....whos the real animal here?


Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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Thats how big business works. They dont get rich and afford to have +800 hospitals by being nice or giving you a great deal.

They are only able to do that by making a lot of profit, and that profit can only come from theie clients.

There plans are known to be fruad, there is even a class action lawsuit about it that another poster on this site wrote about.

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