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Brought in my 15 year old cat for a physical and was surprised at the high cost of testing. One visit was over $300.00 for just blood and urine tests.

They then call me back in just a few days and state that another $200.00 was needed for more tests and that if I didn't want to subject my cat to more pain (drawing blood/urine) I needed to make a quick decision. So now total damage is up to $500.00 on my cat.

We haven't even talked about treatment yet (God only knows how much that will be). I'm not Donald Trump.

They keep talking about the insurance plan, but I've read bad publicity on that too.

I just want a vet who will be straight with me (Cost included) about what my cat needs and don't need. I don't think Banfield is for me.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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ALWAYS ask exactly what they need to do and if it's necessary and how much it is. Then decide if its really needed.

Lots of Vets do unnecessary tests because they can get away with it. I would find another Vet like you did, when you travel just bring your dogs paperwork in a file if you're worried about anything happening while you're away from home. Of course they can always telephone your Vet and there is faxing. Costs go up and down depending on what part of the country you live in.

I'm in NY but in a borough, if I lived in the city a visit would cost me an arm and a leg. Insurance is great but you have to pay up front and wait for reimbursement. I always ask around about Vets and check online. You can usually find a tremendous amount of info that way and if you don't like the feel of a place don't go back.

Also ask if your dog has to stay overnight if there is anyone there at night to watch the animals.

MOST places, except most animal hospitals (I say most because there are some hospitals that don't have anyone believe it or not) if no one is there take the dog home and ask what you should watch for or take them else where. Some animals that die overnight wouldn't have if a nurse or doctor was there.


I use to work for Banfield, and the amount they mark up blood work is ridiculous! A superchem/cbc in house, they charge $120 (Oh, and the cost of $10 to collect the blood, so $130) and the lab only charges $30.

(We had the cost book lying around in the hospital!

I was floored at the mark-up!) And, if the hospital did the blood work in-house, part of the testing is never done and some of the values are made up. Every hospital is supposed to do a blood-smear on every CBC they run, and 99% of the hospitals DON'T do it!


I was just reading the entries about Banfield on this site. I had a little Yorkie puppy named Piper.

We went to Banfield and enrolled in the wellness plan as soon as I got her from the breeder. I saved on the initial visit by signing-up on the spot. One of the things I think Banfield could do to improve customer relations is to make clear to the consumer (in writing, or verbally) those treatments that are not covered. I, too, ran into several instances where Piper was treated and the costs were not covered.

High priced, yes - Banfield is very high priced and when they offer the wellness plan discount it pretty much brings them back in-line with normal vet fees. Perhaps less marketing and more straight-forward communication is the right way to go. We will continue to use Banfield because we travel cross-country and Banfield locations are always accessible. Too, they always have the latest information on Piper's visits to other Banfield facilities.

However, the lady writer had a good point; e.g., don't market a product as one thing and have them find-out later that it is not what they were led to believe. Come on, Banfield, you know exactly what I am talking about!


We apologize that your visit to one of our hospitals did not meet your expectations. It is our mission to provide our clients and their pets with high quality medicine and exceptional client experiences on every visit.

We appreciate your feedback and I do want to make sure we acknowledge your concerns. To discuss this further please give our Client Advocate Team a call at 877-500-2288 so we can gather more information.


That's pretty standard, actually. Blood tests are expensive, regardless of where you go. Banfield doesn't really have a markup on them.

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