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In February of this year, I took my 10 year old Toy Fox Terrier in for dental cleaning. I also pointed out a small growth on my dog that I was curious about.

I had it biopsied and was told that I would be called with the results. Before leaving, I was pressured into purchasing their Optimum Wellness Plan. I was made to believe that this would save us money for my dogs dental cleaning (which ended up costing $800 anyway!) and should anything happen down the road. A short time later, I was called and told that the biopsy revealed my dog had a mast cell tumor (CANCER!).

I was told to give him half a Benadryl twice a day and that the only cure was a surgery costing $900. As you can imagine, my husband and I were devastated. We contemplated the surgery and were giving my 11 lb dog Benadryl as instructed. He became lethargic and unhappy and so a family member suggested I get a second opinion before spending that kind of money on a surgery.

We went for a second opinion and found that the same “mast cell tumor” that was diagnosed at Banfield was, in fact, a WART!

As you can imagine, we were elated, but also outraged that we had been put through so much heartache and discomfort because of a misdiagnosis. We wondered if this was a scam to get more money out of us?! Could it be possible that Banfield was trying to diagnose a wart as something it was not so that they could perform an unnecessary surgery costing us profound heartache and financial loss?

The staff was insensitive about the diagnosis and were not looking out for the best interest of my pet or family. We will NEVER use that vet again and advise EVERYONE to STAY AWAY.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Banfield sends all samples to a lab the same labs other vets in the area use. It sounds unfortunate :( but I wouldn't blame the hospital.



Did the other doctor took a sample of that "wart"? I had a dog with mast cell tumor...

And he died because we hesitate to do anything about it... His mass looked like a "wart", nothing special. And we decided to wait and watch the mass.

Mast cell tumors can look like "warts" but in fact they are malignant little masses that can make your dog die...Finally my doctor took a sample of the mass with a needle and send it to the pathologist to read and look to the cells inside the mass. That is the only way to know if that "wart" is benign or cancerous.

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