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We had just purchased a puppy and she had a stuffy nose and was sneezing. We took her to Banfield hospital waited two hrs to be seen.

When the doctor finally came to see our precious Sesi he asked us what her symptoms were. We told him what we knew and b4 even examining her look at Dad straight in the face and said," Oh you should take her back and get your money back, 'cause what she has will KILL her." WTF?????? How the *** could he say such a thing without examining her first? Thank god my dad had brains to tell him we just needed medicine to decongest her and he should probably take a look at her before making assumptions.

Well they ran tests and still could not tell us what was wrong with our pup. We called the main office & they said they would look into it. Yeah a call back like a day later, "Oh we have found that there were no errors on our part!", they said. *** that place.

This is not even the only messes up thing that happened that day this is only the worst part. Well needless to say, Sesi is back to clear breathing with no more sneezing! I'm pretty sure she's still breathing!

*** OFF Banfield

Oh and all you Banfield protectors stop shootin to defensive mode when you read these complaints, until they treat you pet like a piece of S#$T you have no room to talk.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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If only these so-called DVMs knew what the *** they were talking about. There's a foul word for ya.

All over the country these people are killing animals, being rude to the owners, and basically providing a horrible service. And here I thought the only awful Banfields was in PA where they tried to kill my sister's cat, said to put it to sleep & that he had diabetes. She took him to my vet, a real vet with a real practice not in a pet store, Northern Pike Vet Hosp. in Monroeville, PA who quickly discovered the cat swallowed something & needed surgery.

Didn't have diabetes, never did, and doesn't now.

Had she listened to these heartless idiots he would be dead instead of the healthy, happy cat he is today. Anyone who defends these monsters obviously worked there, or works there still, either that or they've recently had a lobotomy.


:grin You know it seems funny to me that you people come to PISSED consumer and don't expect to see PISSED customers. Oh and the whole foul language thing, I could not believe for one second, that you would not use foul language if you were PISSED!

Which by the way is a foul word itself. If you don't like to see the use of foul language, You probably shouldn't go to a web site that is for Rants and raves.

Especially since you yourself have to type in the foul language to get here. Yep You sound pretty grown up yourself.


I agree with "WOW." First, you can TRY to get your point across by not using foul language. Second, I use to work for Banfield.

Banfield offers alot for pet owners and their pets. To the comment made about waiting. When YOU go to the doctor, don't you have to wait??? Same thing.

It's called basic medicine. Get over it!!! I do agree that the doctor should not have said what he did about the "killing her" thing. That was wrong.

But, lastly to the not being able to find out what was wrong with your pet. When they run those test, they are checking the WBC to see it shows a sign of infection, and other test show different functions of certain organs. They check all of these things to rule out other possibilites.

Last time I checked, the reason why they have the DVM at the end of their name on their white jackets is because they DID go to verterinary school for 8+ years and worked there butts off to get that title. When you go to school and get YOUR DVM title, then we'll talk.


Gee, you sound real mature here...maybe you should learn some grammar and how to spell first without using foul language before making what you feel is a valid complaint.

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